Friday, September 08, 2006

Tattoo me

They'll have to bury me in the special section of the Jewish cemetery now.
(Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 3, episode 6: "The Special Section")


Anonymous said...

Damn! That is cool. Now I want another tattoo. Great design.

Jim Marquis said...

Nice tattoo.

What's the special section?

Lizzy said...

Thanks Keira & J!

In that episode of "Curb," Larry David's mother had to be buried in the special section of the Jewish cemetary because she had a tattoo on her ass. (It is against the Jewish religion to get a tattoo.)

The "special section" is entirely fictional. Unfortunately, the Jewish law is not.

I'm not worried about it. I'm a good person, and that's all that really matters.

Snave said...

Yes, you ARE a good person, and the tattoo is GREAT!

I have been thinking about having a colorful salmon tattooed between my shoulder blades for some time now. Think I oughta?

Lizzy said...

Thanks Snave!

Yes. I think it's a must. Then we could start a new trend -- tattoo'd liberals.

Why salmon?

Damien said...

Now that cooler still, still mulling over my own tatt, still undecided.

Snave said...

The salmon is somewhat of a symbol of life to many here in the Pacific NW. Native Americans depended upon it for centuries, and modern Northwesterners know how important the salmon is in the regional chain of life.

If I didn't get a salmon tattoo, I might go for a Celtic knot... butI'd have to do some research on them to find a really cool one and look into their deeper meanings.

Lizzy said...

Either one sounds good.