Friday, September 22, 2006

The Hard Left - CD Release Party

If you happen to be in Minneapolis tonight, please come to the Uptown Bar and check out the best new local band in town, The Hard Left, for their CD release party.

If you can't make it, please check out their sites (located on my sidebar.)

And, if you ask real nice, I may be able to get you a copy of their new CD,

"The Avant-Garde Sounds of The Hard Left."

Be there!


Jim Marquis said...

Hey, I'd be interested in hearing them, pretty pretty please. Just let me know where to send the cash or check or whatever...

M said...

As well, I. L'shana tova, BTW.

Lizzy said...

Happy New Year, Meesh. Thanks for the card! I'll send you a disc.

Jim, Thanks for your interest! All I need is your address.

Snave said...

What J. Marquis said!

I sent an e-mail with my address in it. Just let me know what else I need to do!

Congrats to the band, the poster looks GREAT!!

Lizzy said...

Thanks, Snave!