Thursday, March 27, 2008


The OCD Gen X Liberal and one of her smushy-faced dogs

As some of you may have noticed, my blogging has slowed down quite a bit lately. I've been batting around the idea of closing up shop for some time now, and I feel that the time has come.

I've been doing this for almost 4 years now, and I simply don't have it in me to continue. I've had a great run, and met some awesome people.

I will leave my blog up in the off chance that I change my mind, or something happens that I can't bear not talking about. (For instance, Hillary dropping out, or Obama's inauguration.)

In the meantime, I will be checking in on all of you from time to time to keep up with your wonderful writings. I promise I won't be a stranger.

Thank you so much for everything. I've enjoyed every minute of it. I love you guys.

Goodbye for now...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Richardson endorses Obama

This is huge!

Obama/Richardson, anyone? Yes. Most definitely.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Speech

I haven't been up to much blogging lately, and now I'm sick with a cold, so I'll see ya in a few days.

However, I will say this. Barack's speech today was one of the best speeches I've ever heard.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Black is the new President, bitch

I've been watching Saturday Night Live since the very beginning. With the exception of the really bad seasons in the early 80's, I've stayed loyal. This season I was very disheartened that SNL was "in the tank" for Hillary Clinton, but last Saturday a ray of light came into the show to set them straight.

Tracy Morgan's cameo on Weekend Update:

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Olbermann Special Comment 03.12.2008

Keith Olbermann has never gone after a Democrat in a Special Comment, until now.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Clinton Rules

Best article I've read in a long time:

The Clinton Rules
Andrew Sullivan
07 Mar 2008

The new meme is that politics has returned to normal and that this election will now be run by Clinton rules. Many are relieved by this. You could sense the palpable discomfort among many in Washington that their world might actually shift a little next year. But if elections are primarily about fear and mud, and who best operates in a street fight, Beltway comfort returns. This we know. This we understand. This we already have the language to describe. And, the feeling goes, the Clintons can win back the White House in this atmosphere. What she is doing to Obama she can try to do to McCain. Maybe Limbaugh will help her out again.

What I think this misses are the cultural and social consequences of beating Obama (or McCain) this way. I don't mean beating Obama because the Clintons' message is more persuasive, or because the Clintons' healthcare plan is better, or because she has a better approach to Iraq. I mean: beating him by a barrage of petty attacks, by impugning his clear ability to be commander-in-chief, by toying with questions about his "Muslim past", by subtle invocation of the race card, by intermittent reliance on gender identity politics, by taking faux offense to keep the news cycle busy ("shame on you, Barack Obama!") and so on. If the Clintons beat Obama this way, I have a simple prediction. It will mean a mass flight from the process. It will alter the political consciousness of an entire generation of young voters - against any positive interaction with the political process for the foreseeable future. I'm not sure that Washington yet understands the risk the Clintons are taking with their own party and the future of American politics.

The reason so many people have re-engaged with politics this year is because many sense their country is in a desperate state and because only one candidate has articulated a vision and a politics big enough to address it without dividing the country down the middle again. For the first time in decades, a candidate has emerged who seems able to address the country's and the world's needs with a message that does not rely on Clintonian parsing or Rovian sleaze. For the first time since the 1960s, we have a potential president able to transcend the victim-mongering identity politics so skillfully used by the Clintons. If this promise is eclipsed because the old political system conspires to strangle it at birth, the reaction from the new influx of voters will be severe. The Clintons will all but guarantee they will lose a hefty amount of it in the fall, as they richly deserve to. Some will gravitate to McCain; others will be so disillusioned they will withdraw from politics for another generation. If the Clintons grind up and kill the most promising young leader since Kennedy, and if they do it not on the strength of their arguments, but by the kind of politics we have seen them deploy, the backlash will be deep and severe and long. As it should be.

He has a million little donors. He has brought many, many Republicans and Independents to the brink of re-thinking their relationship with the Democratic party. And he has won the majority of primaries and caucuses and has a majority of the delegates and popular vote. This has been a staggering achievement - one that has already made campaign history. If the Clintons, after having already enjoyed presidential power for eight long years, destroy this movement in order to preserve their own grip on privilege and influence in Democratic circles, it will be more than old-fashioned politics. It will be a generational moment - as formative as 1968. Killing it will be remembered for a very, very long time. And everyone will remember who did it - and why.

Tucker Carlson fired from MSNBC

(I think I might know of another network that would hire him.)

Tucker Carlson has been let go from MSNBC. His ratings have been really bad, and his distaste for liberals has finally caught up with him.

Good riddance!

From The Raw Story:
Published: Sunday March 9, 2008

According to
TVNewser, MSNBC will announce the dismissal of talk host and political pundit Tucker Carlson.

Insiders tell TVNewser Tucker Carlson's 6pmET show Tucker is getting the axe, but Carlson stays on as a political contributor to all MSNBC shows at least through the 2008 election. The official announcement, expected tomorrow, will include details about who will replace Tucker at 6pmET as well as other political programming additions. Sources say the network is going to beef up its schedule with more NBC News talent.

"Maybe MSNBC has realized that swinging to the Right to try and shake out Fox News for viewers isn't a winning strategy," opines The Bilerico Project's Alex Blaze. "Or maybe they realized that at least half their commentators should accept the reality that white men aren't oppressed. Or maybe they think that people don't want to watch a bully wannabe talk about his fun days of beating up [gays]. Or maybe they got tired of his history of abusing the rules of logic, evidence, and reality."

TVNewser and The Bilerico Project.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I just can't tell you... relieved I am that it's finally Daylight Savings Time. We've had a long, cold, miserable winter here in Minnesota, and the loss of one hour of sleep is well worth it in knowing that spring is right around the corner.

That's all for today...except that Obama won Wyoming! Yay!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

There will be blood

"As far as I know"

I woke up with a sick feeling today, and this time it was not because of my stomach problems.

Hillary won Texas & Ohio, and her campaign will go on.

In the past, I have said that I would support her if she becomes the nominee, but at this point, I have to take that back.

I can almost understand her fear mongering ads, but I cannot forgive the answer she gave to Steve Croft during her 60 minutes interview when she was asked about Obama's religious affiliation. (Watch clip.)

The pundits are right. The longer the race between Obama and Clinton goes on, the more it will tear our party apart.

For the myself, and the people I know, the bloodletting has already begun.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Political ulcer?

I've been having major stomach problems for well over a year now. I was supposed to have a colonoscopy last summer, but I couldn't drink that stuff. Hopefully there is something else they can do to diagnose this. I'm going to call my gastroenterologist tomorrow to see what they can do for me.

In the meantime, I'll be glued to MSNBC. Big day tomorrow. Go, Obama, go!!

Maybe I've devoloped an ulcer from the stress of being a political junkie....who knows.