Monday, November 28, 2005

The truth in black, red & blue

My Uncle Richard sent this to me. It's an eye-opener:

Richard Gephardt: Air National Guard, 1965-71
David Bonior: Staff Sgt., Air Force 1968-72
Tom Daschle: 1st Lt., Air Force SAC 1969-72
Al Gore: enlisted Aug. 1969; sent to Vietnam Jan. 1971 as an army journalist in 20th Engineer Brigade
Bob Kerrey: Lt. j.g. Navy 1966-69; Medal of Honor, Vietnam
Daniel Inouye: Army 1943-47; Medal of Honor, WWII
John Kerry: Lt., Navy 1966-70; Silver Star, Bronze Star with Combat V, Purple Hearts
Charles Rangel: Staff Sgt., Army 1948-52; Bronze Star, Korea
Max Cleland: Captain, Army 1965-68; Silver Star & Bronze Star, Vietnam. Paraplegic from war injuries. Served in Congress
Ted Kennedy: Army, 1951-53
Tom Harkin: Lt., Navy, 1962-67; Naval Reserve, 1968-74
Jack Reed: Army Ranger, 1971-1979; Captain, Army Reserve 1979-91.
Fritz Hollings: Army officer in WWII; Bronze Star and seven campaign ribbons
Leonard Boswell: Lt. Col., Army 1956-76; Vietnam, DFCs, Bronze Stars,and Soldier's Medal
Pete Peterson: Air Force Captain, POW. Purple Heart, Silver Star and Legion of Merit
Mike Thompson: Staff sergeant, 173rd Airborne, Purple Heart
Bill McBride: Candidate for Fla. Governor. Marine in Vietnam; Bronze Star with Combat V.
Gray Davis: Army Captain in Vietnam, Bronze Star
Pete Stark: Air Force 1955-57
Chuck Robb: Vietnam
Howell Heflin: Silver Star
George McGovern: Silver Star & DFC during WWII
Bill Clinton: Did not serve. Student deferments. Entered draft but received #311
Jimmy Carter: Seven years in the Navy.
Walter Mondale: Army 1951-1953
John Glenn: WWII and Korea; six DFCs and AirMedal with 18 Clusters
Tom Lantos: Served in Hungarian underground in WWII. Saved by Raoul Wallenberg.

Republicans -- and these are the guys sending people to war:
Dick Cheney: did not serve. Several deferments, the last by marriage.
Dennis Hastert: did not serve
Tom Delay: did not serve
Roy Blunt: did not serve
Bill Frist: did not serve
Mitch McConnell: did not serve
Rick Santorum: did not serve
Trent Lott: did not serve
John Ashcroft: did not serve. Seven deferments to teach business
Jeb Bush: did not serve
Karl Rove: did not serve.
Saxby Chambliss: did not serve. "Bad knee." (The man who attacked Max Cleland's patriotism.)
Paul Wolfowitz: did not serve
Vin Weber: did not serve
Richard Perle: did not serve
Douglas Feith: did not serve
Eliot Abrams: did not serve
Richard Shelby: did not serve
Jon Kyl: did not serve
Tim Hutchison: did not serve
Christopher Cox: did not serve
Newt Gingrich: did not serve
Don Rumsfeld: served in Navy (1954-57) as flight instructor
George W. Bush: failed to complete his six-year National Guard; got assigned to Alabama so he could campaign for family friend running for U.S. Senate; failed to show up for required medical exam, disappeared from duty.
Ronald Reagan: due to poor eyesight, served in a non- combat role making movies
Bob Dornan: Consciously enlisted after fighting was over in Korea
Phil Gramm: did not serve
John McCain: Vietnam POW, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross
Dana Rohrabacher: did not serve
John M. McHugh: did not serve
JC Watts: did not serve
Jack Kemp: did not serve. "Knee problem, " although continued in NFL for 8 years as quarterback
Dan Quayle: Journalism unit of the Indiana National Guard
Rudy Giuliani: did not serve
George Pataki: did not serve
Spencer Abraham: did not serve
John Engler: did not serve
Lindsey Graham: National Guard lawyer
Arnold Schwarzenegger: AWOL from Austrian army base

Pundits & Preachers
Sean Hannity: did not serve
Rush Limbaugh: did not serve (4-F with a 'pilonidal cyst.')
Bill O'Reilly: did not serve
Michael Savage: did not serve
George Will: did not serve
Chris Matthews: did not serve
Paul Gigot: did not serve
Bill Bennett: did not serve
Pat Buchanan: did not serve
John Wayne: did not serve
Bill Kristol: did not serve
Kenneth Starr: did not serve
Antonin Scalia: did not serve
Clarence Thomas: did not serve
Ralph Reed: did not serve
Michael Medved: did not serve
Charlie Daniels: did not serve
Ted Nugent: did not serve. (He only shoots at things that don't shoot back.)

Please keep this information circulating
--Illinois State Sen. Howard W. Carroll

Friday, November 25, 2005

Go big or go home

My take on the Iraq mess? Either go big or go home. And, what I mean by "go big" can be summed up in a post I wrote back on November 04, 2004 entitled Troop Level Plan.

Anyway, from what I gather, the US has 2 choices:

Reinstate the draft (Bush voters go first) and get the job done right ...whatever the job is at this point. (um, does anyone remember?)


Get the hell out of Dodge.

I prefer the latter.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sorry, George, I'm In the Majority ...from Michael Moore

Saturday, November 19th, 2005

Dear Mr. Bush:

I would like to extend my hand and invite you to join us, the mainstream American majority. We, the people -- that's the majority of the people -- share these majority opinions:

1. Going to war was a mistake -- a big mistake. (link)

2. You and your administration misled us into this war. (link)

3. We want the war ended and our troops brought home. (link)

4. We don't trust you. (link)

Now, I know this is a bitter pill to swallow. Iraq was going to be your great legacy. Now, it's just your legacy. It didn't have to end up this way.

This week, when Republicans and conservative Democrats started jumping ship, you lashed out at them. You thought the most damning thing you could say to them was that they were "endorsing the policy positions of Michael Moore and the extreme liberal wing of the Democratic party." I mean, is that the best you can do to persuade them to stick with you -- compare them to me? You gotta come up with a better villain. For heaven's sakes, you had a hundred-plus million other Americans who think the same way I do -- and you could have picked on any one of them!

But hey, why not cut out the name-calling and the smearing and just do the obvious thing: Come join the majority! Be one of us, your fellow Americans! Is it really that hard? Is there really any other choice? George, take a walk on the wild side!

Your loyal representative from the majority,

Michael Moore

Friday, November 18, 2005

W's big fluffy tail

"The life which is not examined is not worth living."
Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

In drug treatment, they had a saying: If 5 people tell you that you have a tail, maybe you should turn around.

Where ever Dubya goes, massive protests break out. If only he would take a moment and ask himself why, but I know that's just wishful thinking.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Yep, you do have that going for you, Georgie.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bill Maher, Will you marry me?

I just finished watching the season finale (until February) of Real Time with Bill Maher, and again, his New Rules ruled.

Here's his parting shot at the right-wing, anti-choice "folks":

New Rule:

President Bush's new Supreme Court nominee, Samuel Alito, must bomb an abortion clinic. I know it sounds crazy, but the right wing needs assurance that they've really got their holy man this time. We can't let the swing vote on the Supreme Court just wind up in the hands of some level-headed legal pussy.

Is Sam Alito a decent man with Christian values? Well, until he kills a nurse with a pipe bomb, there's no way to be sure. Because there is nothing you can say to a real conservative to convince him abortion should ever be acceptable other than, "Your daughter is pregnant and the father is black."

Now, with all the hubbub lately about qualifications and constitutional law, it's sometimes easy to forget why our founding fathers created a judicial branch in the first place: to punish hussies by saddling them with the mewling, drooling reminder of their sin.

But here's where overturning Roe v. Wade could actually turn out to be the best thing for the Democrats. Because if you want to create more liberal voters, don't scare them with the possibility of terrorism. Scare them with the possibility of parenthood. Because voters nowadays are all about the issues that affect "me." They need to see how Bush's f***-ups affect them personally.

I mean, think about it. Other than the war in Iraq, the Katrina disaster, the deficit, the CIA leak, torture, stopping stem cell research, homeland security, global warming and undercutting science, we've yet to really feel the negative effects of the Bush administration.

But you know what voting block had the lowest voter turnout in the last election? Young, unmarried women. And you know who'll be the most affected if they overturn Roe v. Wade? Kobe Bryant. But, after him, young women. Come on. You're living in South Carolina and you need an abortion. You're going to get on a bus and head to New York. Maybe next time you'll think twice about letting your older brother tuck you in.

Because, overturning Roe v. Wade won't make abortion illegal. The choice to allow it will just be returned to the states. In all likelihood, the blue states. The rest of you will have to make a weekend of it. Tourism, ka-ching!

Every state will have a new motto: Massachusetts: "Where the country was born, but your baby wasn't." "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. No, seriously!" And of course, California: "I just got an abortion and now I'm going to Disneyland!"

All right, that's our show. Thank you for a wonderful season.

From Lizzy: Hurry back, Bill. We need you more than ever!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Happy Happy Joy Joy


St. Paul mayoral race: Coleman defeats Kelly

St. Paul voters punished Mayor Randy Kelly on Tuesday for standing with President Bush a year ago, denying the Democrat a second term in Minnesota's capital city.

Former City Council member Chris Coleman, also a Democrat, routed Kelly by a more than 2-to-1 margin in unofficial returns with most precincts reporting. Ahead of the election, independent polls showed voters were primed to fire Kelly, and most cited his 2004 endorsement of the Republican president as the reason.

No sitting St. Paul mayor had lost a campaign since 1974. Kelly had a personal election streak that spanned just as long, covering his quarter-century in the Legislature and first term as mayor.

"It may sound silly, but Kelly was for Bush and I'm not,'' said retiree Audrey Guith after casting her vote for Coleman.


This is what you get, this is what you get
This is what you get, when you mess with us

Karma Police

Thursday, November 03, 2005

This reminds me of the old saying: snug as a black pug on a king size bed.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


And then it happened...the fog cleared and the Democratic Senators grew a spine.

From CNN:

Democrats force Senate into unusual closed session

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democrats forced the Republican-controlled Senate into an unusual closed session Tuesday, questioning intelligence that led to the Iraq war and deriding a lack of congressional inquiry.

"I demand on behalf of the America people that we understand why these investigations aren't being conducted," Democratic leader Harry Reid said.