Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Stay the Course" is NOT a strategy

Want a New Course?

The DSCC has this ad on YouTube. While that's a good start, it should be on TV...a lot.


Damien said...

Long live the tube, sooo much stuff is breaking on that site heck sooo many people are searching for the stuff that counts great stuff. I'm passing it on.

Snave said...

"Stay the course" is a slogan, not a strategy. Just like their term "cut and run" is. They have a real way of obscuring the details necessary for successful completion of their projects by using such slogans. If people realized they were being manipulated by these GOP jokers, that party would lose all its elections in landslides. They also have a way of getting people to not pay attention to what their opponents really want to do by using negative slogans that cause the person who hears it to dismiss the other's opinion out of hand.

Lizzy said...

Good point, Snave. You are right. what IS their strategy? hummm