Saturday, September 30, 2006

Republicans: Redefining Family Values.

Ahh Republicans, the "family values" party....

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Republican Rep. Mark Foley resigned Friday from the House after sexually explicit instant message conversations with teenage congressional pages attributed to him surfaced.

The worst part:
--Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., chairman of the Page Board, said he learned about the allegations in late 2005.
(From Editor & Publisher)

Then there's the wonderful Senator George Allen....

College-era acquaintances have claimed Allen used a common racial slur for blacks. Stories about how the Confederate flag he kept in his home and a hangman's noose in his law office have gained new currency.
(From CBS News)

George Beam, 53, became the first to partially back a claim by another former Allen teammate, Dr. Ken Shelton, that Allen took the severed head of a doe killed on a hunting trip, sought out the home of a black family and stuffed the head into an oversized mailbox.
(From The Daily Press)

As horrible as these stories are, I can't help but be happy for how this is going to affect our party in the upcoming election. In fact, there is a little tune that keeps going through my mind:

...It's getting better all the time
better, better, better
It's getting better all the time
better, better, better
Getting so much better all the time

-Getting Better


Snave said...

The more we hear about how a number of these right-wing guys are such power-drunk dickheads that they think they can get away with anything... the better our country will be in the long run! Good post, L. I may be doing something similar in the near future, and it will include some of the info you posted, as well as stuff about Cunningham, Ney, etc. Hopefully I can do some minor research (which should be all it takes) to come up with a fact-backed laundry list of GOP shit heads! hehehehehe

Lizzy said...

Thanks, Snave.

Elvez73 said...

Ah yes, its been a great week to be a Democrat!

Damien said...

Damn straight its a great week, seeing all the Dem bloggers powering up hoooyah.