Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Twin Cities site of 2008 GOP convention
Rob Hotakainen and Kevin Diaz, Star Tribune

WASHINGTON --- Minnesota's emergence as a presidential battleground state paid off today when the Republican Party announced that it had chosen Minneapolis and St. Paul to host its 2008 National Convention.

The Twin Cities beat three other finalists: New York, Cleveland and Tampa. It will be the first time the Twin Cities has hosted a national convention since 1892, when Republicans nominated Benjamin Harrison for president.

Note from Lizzy: I wonder if it's too early to get a head-start on the protest signs...


Damien said...

Hmmm maybe not to early to get started on paint filled IEDs?
Or flour filled, heh.

Lizzy said...

colorado bob,
Where? Where? I can't find it!

Excellent idea...unfortunately they'd probably throw me in the slammer.