Monday, October 09, 2006

Dead Prostitute Found In Bush's Bed

I was watching CNN today, and they were interviewing a group of people in one of the southern red states (I can't remember which one.)

They asked a woman which way she'd be voting in the upcoming election. She said something like "as long as nothing else happens, I'll stick with the Republican candidates."

Umm, "nothing else?" I guess making a complete disaster out of everything just doesn't cut it, in her book.

What's it gonna take? A dead prostitute in W's bed, perhaps?


Jim Marquis said...

How about a dead LESBIAN prostitute? That might do the trick.

I know what you mean, Lizzy. Some of these people are frighteningly deep in denail.

Lizzy said...

Or, how about a dead male (or lesbian) underage prostitute that was a member of might work.

1138 said...

A dismemberered gay child protitute wouldn't move some of these folks.
Not when they actually pray to the idiot son of an asshole.

Snave said...

I know what you mean, 1138... In 20 years, there will people wanting to put Dubya on the quarter, carve his face onto Mount Rushmore, bury him beneath the Capitol rotunda in the empty tomb originally built for George Washington, etc.

I don't know what it would take to convince some of the voters that Republicans are crooks and liars... I think there will always be that 20% or so who are true believers, who would never change their minds even if they saw pictures of Dumbya doing it with an alpaca in the White House kitchen.