Thursday, October 19, 2006

Watch this now

Olbermann 2006-10-18

"A government more dangerous to our liberty than is the enemy it claims to protect us from."
- Keith Olbermann

The more I think about the passing of "The Military Commissions Act," the more incensed I become.

Now that Bush has killed habeas corpus, any one of us can now be pulled off the street, deemed an enemy combatant, and then be locked away somewhere without trial.

According to Mary Benoit of the John Birch society:

"The bill authorizes a new system of military tribunals that would try persons designated 'unlawful military combatants' by the president. The term 'unlawful military combatants' is broadly defined and could include any person who is not in-step with the administration's policies on bringing 'democracy' to the world."

To my fellow left-wing bloggers: watch your back.


Snave said...

Whew... Was that quote from the Bircher critical of the bill, or praising it? I actually looked her up, and actually went to their site (gasp!) and found out... that she agrees with Olbermann for the most part.

So now the far, far right is getting antsy about Bush... the moderates are antsy... It looks like Bush and his pals occupy what is becoming a narrower and narrower place on the political spectrum. With disappointment and pressure coming his way from the evangelicals (I can't wait to read Mr. Kuo's "Testing Faith"!), it looks like Bush is running out of places to hide. This is very nice to see!

On the other hand, our country, under the leadership of Dumbya, reacted like a wounded animal after the September 11 attacks. We also know what some creatures do when they get backed into a corner... and there are still 822 days left. We know that Dumbya, as an untreated former alcoholic and basic weirdo, is prone to outbursts of temper. I wouldn't want to see him get too provoked. I just like seeing him squirm!

1138 said...

I can't even look at the stars without fear now.
Soon one or more of them will be carrying a load of GE packaged death.

Jim Marquis said...

There's no telling how crazy the administration might get if the Dems take control of Congress. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

Lizzy said...

I agree, guys.

Did anyone watch the clip?

Damien said...

Trying to know but my laptop keeps getting locked out, bastardos.

Snave said...

It is quite a clip, for sure. I like the way Olbermann points out the examples from history that demonstrate the failures of leaders who have tried repressive tactics, and how Bush, being incurious as he is, has not learned from history. If he ends up being tried under his own tribunal system, GOOD.

I can imagine how much the administration would like to silence people like Keith Olbermann. They probably have a body bag ready, with his name on it, as they probably do for Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, and other outspoken critics of their flawed "leadership".

Lizzy said...

Either a body bag or a cell at Gitmo.