Saturday, October 07, 2006

I couldn't agree more

Latest letter to the editor written by my (awesome) Uncle Richard to the local paper in East Hampton, New York:

Dear Editor,

For at least a year I have been writing to this paper about the utter disgrace and disaster of the Bush administration. The deficit, the tax cuts, the secrecy, the constant and pervasive lying, the name calling of opponents, the disregard of the middle class, the erosion of our civil rights, Katrina, and the hypocrisy in the appointment of political supporters without experience to key positions (not only "Brownie.") And then there is the crazy, irresponsible, stupidity of the Iraq War and its abject failure. And now, in the Woodward book "State of Denial" we see in this fool President and his cohorts in the Administration, as totally living in a bizarro world of denial.

And yet, even with the publication of unquestionably, truthful, fact laden, well researched and documented book after book, the NIE report of all 16 U.S. intelligence Agencies documenting the failure of the war and the war's creation of more terrorists, and the new charges of deviant sexual behavior by a Republican Congressman and its cover up by the Speaker of the House and The Republican House leadership, and the baldfaced selling of legislative votes and favors to cash paying political lobbyists, and learning that present day Iraq is being described like "Mad Max," and the insurgency getting even worse in 2007 of which was covered up with rosy statements by the criminal conspiracy that calls itself the "Bush administration " - there are still people who write to say they are "proud" to be supportive Republicans....WOW!

They must think: screw the nation, screw our dead and wounded youngsters and the thousands of Iraqis --we must retain our hold on Congress.

Thus, what makes most of us sick, is swallowed whole by these right wing , flatheaded disgusting apologists who dare to write in support the out of control criminals in this administration!

Richard H.
East Hampton, NY

Uncle Richard (late 60's/early 70's)


Snave said...

Nice response by the d1ow10kjs auto-bot, eh! Heh...

Great letter from somebody who has to be a great uncle. It inspires me to write something to our local paper.

Lizzy said...

I had to turn word verification back on because of those horrible spam auto-bots. Damn.

Yep, he is a great uncle. Very inspiring.

1138 said...

Now that's a guy with his head screwed on straight!
Great letter!