Friday, October 06, 2006

I'll say it in advance - Shut up, Robin.

Real Time with Bill Maher is one of my favorite shows.
Robin Williams is a good dramatic actor.

However, having Robin Williams on Bill Maher's show is always a bad idea. Robin can't help but trample on everyone else's time, and Bill can't reel him in.

Robin is on the panel tonight. Crap.


Snave said...

Wish I could watch the show...

Yes, Williams DOES tend to talk talk talk talk talk talk talk. He is very ADHD, and in some ways we can all be glad he is. At other times, it can be a damned nuisance.

Lizzy said...

I wish you could see the show too, Snave.

Yes, he is very ADHD, which is fine in some of the comedies he does.

However, after watching him on Bill's show last night, I'm more convinced than ever that he should never be allowed on that show. I almost threw my shoe at the TV.

Jim Marquis said...

Yeah, he gobbled up everybody's time. Though I do have to say when he's serious he seems to know a lot.

That Congresswoman from Florida was pathetic. It's got to the point now where the only defense they have for the war is that they have a nice relative serving over there.

Snave said...

At least Robin is getting back into doing some actual stand-up comedy and funny stuff. For a while he was into an awful lot of sappy/smarmy/unbearable stuff like (sorry if you liked these) Hook (one of my most disliked movies of ALL TIME), Toys, What Dreams May Come (another one I detest), Patch Adams (way too cute), Jakob the Liar (way too sappy), and possibly some others I don't care to remember. I think those films are all a shame considering he did what I thought was such good work in Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society and Awakenings. Good Morning Vietnam was o.k. for me, but seemed like little more than a vehicle for his manic stream-of-consciousness stuff. I did also like his roles in Insomnia and One Hour Photo. What a talented guy!

But his manic stuff can sure wear a person out, and I bet he monopolized Bill Maher's show. If I want to get worn out by a comedian, I'll happily take Eddie Izzard any day. Is Eddie ever on Bill's program? 8-)>

Lizzy said...

J, I agree about the Florida congresswoman. Her remarks baffled me. I find it hard to believe someone could be so clueless. Truly pathetic.

Snave, I like Robin's dramatic work. I thought he was great in Insomnia, One Hour Photo, Awakenings, and Good Will Hunting, too. His comedic work? Not so much.

However, I did see his stand-up act in the early 80's and he was hilarious.

As far as Eddie Izzard goes, I'm pretty sure he was on Bill's show a long time ago.

Jim Marquis said...

Snave- I totally agree with you on Hook..just a miserable cinematic experience. Toys was almost as bad. I think What Dreams May Come could have been awesome but they ended up making the afterlife seem like a pageant of psychobabble.

1138 said...

I'm sorry but to me this sounds like blaming Robin for everyone else's ineptitude including Maher's producers.
It takes a special panel to rise to Williams abilities and a special moderator Maher isn't up to it.

As for his movies - I have only seen one that wasn't a wash as a comedy and that's RV.
The poor boy is going to do a Doubtfire 2, I suspect deciding to do that is what convinced him he needed rehab.
What Dreams May Come was a solid dramatic movie and Bicentennial Man was pretty fair Sci-Fi.

M said...

1138, I disagree vehemently. There's hardly a way to get in a word edgewise with Williams. He is funny, but in a limited time format with two other folks trying to talk, it's just to much. Even Chris Matthews had a devil of a time getting in a word, and he hardly shuts up on his own shows. Like Lizzy said on the phone to me last night, I would have rather heard more from Richard Clarke. Williams is really funny, but it stopped being funny on Real Time.

Jim Marquis said...

1138- I'm not sure what the producers could have done differently, except maybe booking only Williams and calling it Real Time with Robin.

Lizzy said...

The way I see it, the producers have 2 options with Robin - either give him a little shock when he's stepping on others time, or don't book him at all.

1138 said...

That would be it Lizzy.
It's not like Robin is an unknown element.
Add wather to acid and you get a spattering bang.
Add Robin Williams to a panel and watch the rest of the panel fade to background.
That's not Robin's fault.
It would like asking Cheney to be human.

1138 said...

Oh, and no need for vehemence concerning any of this.