Friday, April 15, 2005

Tom DeLay's House of Scandal

Open letter from James Carville to Tom DeLay:

Dear Tom,

Recently I heard you tell all Americans concerned about having an ethically challenged man leading the Congress to “bring it on.” I've also heard you and your allies crowing about how any real Republican will come and stand by your corrupt side in your time of need.

Well, Tom, I'm here to tell you that at your request, we are indeed “bringing it on.” As for forcing “real Republicans” to rally to your side, I have to ask: How much more do you want?

Your precious little rubberstamps in Congress have already gutted the ethics rules, forced out the Chairman of the Ethics Committee, and purged two other GOP Members of the committee, all to protect you. They've voted as you've told them more than 90% of the time, taken your dirty money, and helped bring your legal defense fund to over $1,000,000.

Can't remember who did what, too many to keep track of? Not to worry. You can find all the details on how each of them has done your bidding, courtesy of the DCCC, at the new website, Tom DeLay's House of Scandal:

Check out the video: Meet DeLay, Inc.

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