Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Our "Woeby Doubers"

I wanted to share a little about our "daughter," Stella. She is all about cuddling and love...aren't all pugs?

On the flipside, she also enjoys splashing in puddles and rolling in dead worms.


Snave said...

Omigawd, she is JUST.. SO.. CUTE!!! What a sweet li'l face! Some of my kids' friends have a pug, and it is absolutely the nicest dog. Loads of personality, always ready to play, and generally very happy!

Keep posting dog pictures! You have two of the most photogenic pups on the planet!

Damien said...

I concur they are both so gorgeous.
I really need to trade up in the cute pet stakes.

Lizzy said...

Thanks, guys! More pics coming soon.

M said...

Hope she's not too jealous of Norman's showbiz debut - although she could easily become a supermodel!