Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sen. Paul Koering: Gay Benedict Arnold


(Minnesota) State Sen. Paul Koering, a first-term Republican from the Brainerd area who until recently had voted consistently for a constitutional ballot question banning same-sex marriage, revealed to the Star Tribune Wednesday that he is gay and has known it since he was a teen-ager.

He is believed to the first openly gay Republican elected official in Minnesota, and his announcement could affect the course of the raging legislative debate over gay marriage.

However, Koering, 40, a businessman and former dairy farmer, said his "coming out" does not change his position that the state's voters should be allowed to decide whether to ban same-sex marriage, nor will it change his basic conservative philosophy.

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(Nothing like betraying your own people.)


Damien said...

Now thats just basic self loathing.

Now Im starting to realize why the log cabin republicans have such a strong base within the GOP.

My response would be to take the gloves off on this guy, gay or not.

And lets see if the GOP run the whole bullshit 'morality' trip on this one.

Snave said...

Yes, let's see if the rest of them loathe him for being gay as much as he loathes himself.

I feel sorry for this person... how horribly mixed up he must be to be supporting the party which would admonish him for being included within one of their three "G" issue areas, according to Dean (god, guns, and gays).

I suppose folks on the other end of the spectrum (the conservative end) would applaud him for his bravery and for standing up for his political beliefs, against major odds... and never mind they part of the problem in making those odds major.