Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Michigan Republican Party calls for Moore's arrest

From Michael Moore:



You may have heard by now that the Michigan Republican Party has called for my arrest. That's right. They literally want me brought up on charges -- and hope that I'm locked up.

No, I'm not kidding. The Republican Party, yesterday, filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutors in each of the counties where I spoke last week in Michigan.

My crime? Clean underwear for anyone who will vote in the upcoming election.

Each night on our 60-city "Slacker Uprising Tour" through the 20 battleground states, I've been registering hundreds (and on some nights, thousands) of voters at my arena and stadium events. I then ask for everyone over 23 who has never voted (or didn't vote in the last election) to stand up. I tell these slackers that I understand and respect why they think politicians are not worth the bother. I tell them that I may have been the original slacker, and that I do not want them to change their slacker ways. Keep sleeping 'til noon! Keep drinking beer! Stay on the sofa and watch as much TV as possible! But, please, just for me, on 11/2, I want you to leave the house and give voting a try -- just this once. The stakes this time are just too high.

If they promise me that they'll do this, I give the guys a 3-pack of new Fruit of the Loom underwear, and the women get a day's supply of Ramen noodles, the sustenance of slackers everywhere.

I then close by having them repeat the 2004 Slacker Oath: "Pick nose! Pick butt! Pick Kerry."

It seems to have worked, as each night the volunteer tables are swamped afterwards with hundreds of new and young voters signing up to campaign for regime change for the next four weeks.

The satire of all this seems to have been lost on the Republicans. Or maybe it hasn't. The state of Michigan (where we spent most of last week) reported that over 100,000 young people recently registered to vote, a record that no one saw coming. The Slacker Tour has turned into a huge steamroller with a momentum all its own.

So, the Republican Party, to show their gratitude that so many young people will now be involved in our system, has demanded that I be sent to jail for trying to "bribe" students to vote.

Of course, this would be quite laughable if they weren't so serious about their charges. But they are. I may soon be a wanted man in Michigan -- simply because I convinced a few slackers to change their underwear and eat a healthy meal of artificially flavored noodles.

I thought I'd seen it all this year -- Disney refusing to distribute the film they paid for, right-wingers harassing theater owners who showed "Fahrenheit 9/11," conservative action groups trying to get the FEC to kick our film ads off the air, the unnecessary restrictive R-rating that forced teenagers to sneak in to see it, and all the stupid, crazy attacks on me and my movie that I've had to listen to as I watched the public ignore them and pack the movie houses anyway, where my film was being shown. And when all that failed, five different Republican groups made five different attack dog tapes (oops, "documentaries"!) against me in a period of about six weeks. But they were all so bad, so boring, so right-wing, no one wanted to watch them and they too went away, a sad waste of good videotape.

Now, after enduring all this, with no tricks left in their bag, they've just decided, "Let's toss his sorry ass behind bars -- him and his noodles and his gift of clean underwear!"

My friends, they will not catch me. Though I may be on the run, and I may never be able to return home to my beloved Michigan, I make this solemn vow to you and yours: The slackers of America shall not be denied their noodles, they will proudly wear their clean underwear as free Americans, and they will vote Bush out of office come November 2nd (though they will not show up to the polls until well after noon)!

Stay strong, stay slacker, and please remember to turn the underwear inside out every three days. As for the noodles, add boiling water, stir.


Michael Moore

P.S. My favorite moment of the VP debate: Cheney saying to the moderator that this was the first he heard that that many black women in America had AIDS. Clueless. Cheney, for an entire 90-minutes, only mentioned Bush's name -- that's his running mate, the "president" -- once. They should have called this the "President (Cheney) -- Vice President (Edwards) Debate."

P.P.S. Tomorrow's letter, as promised for today, will be about my new book, "Will They Ever Trust Us Again?: Letters from the War Zone." And thanks, everyone, for sending "Fahrenheit 9/11" on its first day to #1 on Amazon. If you find that your store didn't order enough copies, or to report other problems, please e-mail Sony Home video at


Anonymous said...

They only say they want to arrest Moore because he exercises his rights of free speech in ways that go counter to their beliefs. I completely disagree with what Rush Limbaugh says and does, but heck... I don't think he should be arrested. That is, not unless he is caught using or attempting to procure drugs illegally.

Moore got 100,000 people to register to vote? Ooooh, this is bad! If lots of them are Democrats, then we had better arrest Michael Moore. Hey, isn't he the guy who made that insulting movie about our president? What, doesn't he think Bush should be re-elected?

I'd say, well, ELECTED by the PEOPLE, actually... we didn't elect him the first time. All our votes counted for nothing in 2000, and the Supremes got to make the final decision...! Now where's the fun in that?

Moore is bribing young voters with underwear and Ramen noodles? Hey, there's a great new campaign slogan here: Republicans Against Clean Underwear!!

And when it comes to bribing people to vote for them, the GOP are kings. Heck, they gave me a check for $800 a while back, calling it "tax relief". That's what it said on my check, and the check came from Austin, Texas, of all places. Go figure!

Snave said...

OOPS! That last comment was mine. Somehow the "Anonymous" button was clicked on instead of the "Snave" button.

But don't worry, the "Anonymous" response on your earlier blog post sure wasn't me! I wouldn't want to claim that one. The one above is a work of art, and I will claim it as my own! 8-)>

Lizzy said...

Snave, I would never in a million years think that you were the one that posted that other anonymous comment. You're one of the good guys, man.

Your "Republicans Against Clean Underwear" slogan cracked me up.

Jim Marquis said...

Re: the Michael Moore underwear controversey

Was the Michigan Republican Party required to file a brief?

Snave said...

Thanks! They seem to be against just about everything, so why not clean underwear? And Ramen noodles? While they are at it, they should probably add the brushing of teeth, combing of hair, and bathing in general.