Friday, October 22, 2004

30,000+ at MN Kerry rally

I had a great time at the Kerry Rally. Being with "my people" felt really good. There was a huge turnout - more than 30,000 in attendance. The tickets (printed off the Internet) said doors open at 4:30, so we left at around 3:15 to get a good spot. Security was very tight. We had to empty all of our pockets and go through a metal detector. The ticket said bags not allowed, so I left my purse at home.

The rally site was divided into red, white, and blue areas. Internet ticket holders were put in the white area, which sadly, turned out to be the worst of the three. None-the-less, my niece, her friend, & I got decent spots. A band started playing at around 5, then there were speeches by Mayor RT Rybak, Walter Mondale, and others. By then, we had been standing in one spot for 2 hours in falling MN temps. Finally around 6, Max Cleland introduced John Kerry. Kerry did a short stump-speech to the faithful. It was wonderful seeing him in person, even if it was from far away. I came away liking him even more.

I took a few pics. I'll post a few.

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