Monday, October 18, 2004

Kerry, or Canada

Before the last election in 2000, I started floating the idea around with my family that if W wins, I or we should consider moving to Canada. When Dubya "won" they laughed when I told them that everything was going to change. Unfortunately, I got the last laugh.

Here we are almost 4 years later and thoughts of Canada loom large for me. Up until 2000, I was a very proud American, not anymore. Bush ruined that. John Kerry must become our next President. It is essential for America in every way, especially our safety and for rebuilding all of those burned bridges.

If Dubya gets (s)elected again, I am going to push for the big move up North. However, my cousin, Bruce, told me that they don't like us up there.

Yesterday, while stopping for gas, I ran into a Canadian, (he had Ontario plates) so I asked him about this. He said that Canadians know the difference between Americans and their government. Good news.

I know it's cold up there, but then again, it can't be that much colder than Minnesota.

Thankfully, I have a very good feeling that I won't be going anywhere. : )


M said...

I've thought about it, too. The only thing I worry about is trying to get a job up there and also health insurance. I'm not familiar enough with how those things work yet.

A woman I know from my school (the librarian who replaced me) is close to retirement. Her and her husband are looking into buying a house up there if Bush wins. I just sent her some info I found on another blog about where the Jews are in Canada - they want to make sure they move where there is a decent sized community. Toronto is the place.

Snave said...

I heard or read somewhere that the U.S. and Canada had reached an agreement post-9/11 that could make it necessary for U.S. citizens to get permission from our government before entering Canada... kind of like it used to be in the old Soviet Union for citizens who wanted to travel within the USSR. I believe this agreement was reached in case the U.S. reinstitutes the draft, so draft dodgers wouldn't be able to go to Canada to hide out. I wouldn't put anything past our administration, and if Bush is actually elected this time or if the Supremes pick him again, I would imagine there will be more terror alerts and subsequent travel restrictions. So Lizzy, if Shrub gets in there for four more wars... I mean, years... maybe you had best plan on being able to leave the country by November 3! Heh...

I've given this same idea some serious consideration. Finding work in Canada might not be too easy, as I believe that in order for Americans to get Canadian jobs, all Canadian applicants have to be interviewed first. I think my wife could get work fairly easily, as she is a registered nurse. As a speech-language therapist, I might not have to wait too long for work to become available. My main reason for thinking about heading north is for my daughters, who are 16 and 17. The older one has scoliosis and has had to endure a spinal rusion to correct it, and my younger one has moderate exercise-and-allergy-induced asthma... but I wonder if Bush would take any of those kinds of things into account when drafting them.

It's a crazy world, and it gets crazier every day we have crazy people running our country!

Lizzy said...

Thanks for the info. That's good stuff to know.

Unknown said...

It seem as though many of us liberals have given the Canada move some consideration, some more serious than others. My only hope is that if Bush wins, the left will fully wake up to what is happening here. For more years of repressive government should cause America to start moving back to grassroot movements. It will open the eyes of the Democratic Party to run progressive campaigns instead of trying to reach to the center. I'm not moving to Canada, I'm staying here to fight and make this country great again and revive democracy here.