Saturday, October 30, 2004

Retarded cowboy & his heart diseased sidekick

I love HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, however last night's show could have been much better.

Bill needs to make sure that his 3 guests get their say. Last night I wanted to jump through the TV screen to gag Kevin Costner. While some of the things he said made sense, for the most part he had a hard time making a succinct point. This caused him to ramble on & on. You could see that Gen. Wesley Clark & Richard Belzer were getting annoyed.

Then came the deranged Ann Coulter, which he had on via satellite. I don't know how he can call this nut his friend - and the audience let him know it. It's fine if you want to talk to someone on the right, but don't pick someone that is clearly insane.

My favorite part of the show is when he does his "New Rules." His last new rule was for Bush to quit linking wolves with terrorists. It's not fair to the wolves. He said the "only thing wolves have in common with Osama Bin Laden is that they're both running free." The best line of the night was something like: "If you think the only thing keeping up safe is a retarded cowboy and his heart diseased sidekick, then..." (I don't remember the rest.)

Other than that, the show could have been better...especially 4 days before the election.


Jim Marquis said...

I know what you mean. I really admire Maher's mind and sense of humor but if you want to have any credibility you need to draw a line about what other celebrities you hang with. When he said Anne Coulter was his good friend it made me wonder how much of his weekly spiel he really believes. If you're being honest I don't think you can be good friends with both Anne Coulter and Michael Moore.

I like Kevin Costner as an actor but he was annoying last night. When he was on the Actors Studio show he was a first-rate windbag.

My favorite Maher quote this season: "I got Dick Cheney mixed up with Sonny Bono. They're both dead politicians with gay daughters".

M said...

I thought Kevin Costner was an ass. It seemed like he really didn't know what the term "conservative" means in today's politics.

My favorite part was the beginning with the "crazy Larry electronics" parody with the missing explosives. I love the fact that the show is so up to the minute.

Ann Coulter is something else. She rendered us speechless at times.

I hate when wolves are associated with evil. Wolves are some of the most beautiful creatures on the earth - it's our fault they're near extinction.

I loved seeing Thomas Friedman. He is one of the smartest guys out there. I need to re-read "From Beirut to Jerusalem" - it's been too long and I think it deserves a fresh read in today's world.

IFC (or was it Sundance?) aired a one-hour documentary on Friday night on the impact of Fahrenheit 9/11. It was so wonderful to see all the people speaking out about how terrible this presidency has been. They showed clips from the film combined with commentary from various celebrities and average folks. I hope the slacker tour will have paid off on Tuesday. I know it's going to be a tense few days for all of us.

Snave said...

Speaking of Friedman:

"When you look at the way war critics – from the Dixie Chicks to Tom Daschle – have been savaged by conservatives, it feels as if some people want to use this war to create a multiparty democracy in Iraq and a one-party state in America." - Thomas Friedman

I don't think he could get much closer to the truth!

Damien said...

We saw a great set of debates recently where that moron Bill Oreilly turned up (NEVER MENTIONED DUBYA ONCE). It was a BBC state of the nation debate at Harvard. And basically the conservatives got their asses handed to them. Similar event on another debate the previous night, except this time Madaline Albright and George Sorros laid waste to a group of the GOPs diplomatic rear guard. Also on BBC the eternally capped one Mike Moore dishing it out and winning in Florida, great crowd support. Anyway we will be keeping an eye on Minnesota and ticking them off for JK.