Thursday, October 28, 2004

The beginning of the end

Can you feel it? Can you hear it? It's the sweet sweet sound of Dubya going down.

W can't talk his way out of this one. One of our local TV news stations that had reporters embedded with the troops in Iraq has proof that the explosives were taken AFTER the fall of Baghdad. Read about it here:

Not only that, but now Halliburton is being investigated by the FBI! It's been a bad week for dear old George W...but somehow I just can't shed a tear for him.

B'Bye George


M said...

I'm so glad this shit is coming down right now...Only a few more days!!!

Damien said...

We are waiting for the Bush camp to lob what we call a three day grenade. Where they basically throw some kind of half baked slander sound bite out prior to polling. If it doesn't happen rest assured they are well and truly on the ropes. Good to see the Dems wading into this one with salted fists. Anyway all the politicos here are watching, proud of you all.

Snave said...

No October surprises yet from the GOP! What gives? I figure it must be due to their simple arrogance, or else they're confused, reeling, and realizing they actually could go down.

Here where I live, there has been a split in the local Republican party. We Democrats got organized about two months ago, and there are so many Kerry-Edwards signs up around town that anyone who didn't know what was going on would think Kerry will win in a landslide. (Most people around here won't know what's going on, so maybe they'll think that because they see so many Kerry signs, they should vote for Kerry!) Here, the GOP's problem is that the local party chairman has been arguing with another person about who gets to run the local Bush-Cheney campaign. They may have gotten it somewhat resolved, because I've seen a few more Bush signs around town the past few days. Just the same, it seems like the margin re. yard signs is about 3-1 Kerry. And this is in a heavily Republican part of the world!

This shows what good, thoughtful organization will do. It also demonstrates what arrogance and complacency can do to bring down a party viewed by its own members as a sort of juggernaut. "Buggeroff" would be a better term. It kind of rhymes with juggernaut, doesn't it?

I am confident that the election will at least be close, and I feel good that Kerry will likely come out on top as long as certain people (that is, the GOP)don't have great degrees of success interfering with the process.

Go Kerry!

Lizzy said...

Here! Here!