Friday, October 22, 2004

Me at the Kerry rally

Hey, it's Lizzy, the OCD GenX Liberal!
I'm going gray, very gray. That will be remedied soon. Posted by Hello


Snave said...

Don't worry about the gray. It's fine. Gray is GOOD.

You must have had a blast! Congrats for getting to see Kerry. I don't imagine they screened you like they would have if it had been a Bush rally, right?

veggiedude said...

So many people seem to be worried that Florida might be again the deciding factor in this election. However, from all the intelligent polls I have seen or heard of, they say Kerry will win big. Won't it be nice if Florida becomes a moot point, because so many of the 'red' states go to Kerry... it could happen!

Lizzy said...

Yep, I did have a blast! And, nope, I did not have to sign anything. I even saw 2 Bush people there. You would never see that at a Dubya rally.

As far as the gray, that's a big can of worms. I have decided to let my hair go gray, but it's a long process. I'm using temporary hair color while it grows out. When my hair gets to a decent length, I will stop using it. As the temporary hair color washes out & fades, my gray hair will be revealed. More than you needed to know, right?!

Snave said...

Hey, that's o.k. My gray hairs have been gradually revealing themselves over the last 20 years, and now they outnumber the brown ones. Oh well. And some of the hair is starting to thin out in places... again, oh well. About the only thing I will ever do to it is to shave it off if I start to lose it all: our house is a "No Comb-Over Zone".

Damien said...

Looking great Lizzy, bella, no molte bella.

Can't beleive that this is almost finished. Thank goodness. Great to hear that two Bushies turned out, I know that the crowd would have been gracious (no really). I'll be watching the incoming results intently, I'm getting a good feeling about this one.