Sunday, October 17, 2004

Bush Bulges

My friend, Motomama, turned me on to this: George Bush Bulges

How come we never noticed this before? And more importantly, why isn't Dubya being questioned about it? It's strange, very strange indeed.


Damien said...

Obviously the mainstream media has a strong 'herding instinct' which see's them avoid sensitive topics, either in time of war or during presidential campaigns. I'd assure you, the news that we are getting in the outside world about 'Dubya' is disturbing. The 'bulge' does indeed exist, he's either using a below collar bone mic, or an in ear piece. Feels like an X-file.

Snave said...

I believe he must be wearing explosives, and that he is wired as a suicide bomber. His plan is to have a chance encounter with John Kerry between now and November and... Wait! No, that can't be right. He would blow himself to bits! But then again, this is Dubya we're talking about.