Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Kerry wins final debate

John Kerry's performance in the final debate just trounced Bush. Dubya looked crazed - like a bit of a madman...did you notice the spittle in the corner of his mouth?!


M said...

He kicked righteous ass indeed.

Unknown said...

Kerry easily won tonight, but he really missed out on some big chances to deliver knock out blows. When Bush talked about passing kids through schools, i was just wishing Kerry would say "well that's how you got through, right?". I'm not sure it was enough tonight.

Damien said...

Wev'e seen Dubya on the ropes in Miami, almost find his feet in St Louis and go down essentially at a home game in Arizona. I'd give the clear margin to Kerry. No doubt the running back and forth between media interviews, to explain Dubya's lack luster performance's is doing Karl Rove the world of good.
(JK got the better sound bites, message resonance is key).