Saturday, January 27, 2007

When all else fails...

When you're completely frustrated with world events, what can you do? Post some cute pics of your dogs on your blog.

This is Stella & Norman on the way to the French Bulldog Meet-up group last weekend.

When we got there, Norman found the first submissive Frenchie he could bully. It's a French Bulldog thing.

Wellstone turns 2 today. He can speak about 40 words now. I'm still trying to teach him "Impeach Bush."


Jim Marquis said...

Norman, he is ze baddest of bulldogs, non?

Anonymous said...

You can only resort to posting dog pics if you have dogs. Would plants do?

Lizzy said...

Oui, Norman is ze baddest bulldog of them all.

Plants would work just fine, kvatch.

Snave said...

I love the picture of him finding the submissive Frenchie! Does that make him a Norman Conqueror?

I usually don't watch it, but on "The Dog Whisperer" a few nights ago there was a show about a woman who lived in a Manhattan apartment and owned FOUR French Bulldogs... one looked like Norman, one was black, and the other two were mixed colors. Very cool to look at, but with that many, there were all kinds of odd behaviors. Cesar solved all the problems, of course.