Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The last honest Republican

Chuck Hagel comments on Iraq resolution: 01.24.07

(This gets especially good at the 2:05 mark.)

Forget McCain, this should be their guy.

Of course I would never vote for him, not only because he's a Republican, but because of his voting record. However, I do appreciate his courage on this matter.


PoliShifter said...

all this time I thought Joe Lieberman was the last honest Republican (in his own mind)...heh

Loads of repugs are triangulating right now to maintain their approval ratings in their districts and States.

For that matter, some Democrats are as well too...Too many Democrats are still afraid to say WE MUST LEAVE IRAQ NOW

It's always hedged with "irresponsible" to leave Iraq NOW but maybe, ya know, perhaps in 6 months or so we can reevaluate and see what's going on...

NO we've done that for over 3 years


Get the fuck out of Iraq Now

Elvez73 said...

Absolutely right Lizzy, I would never vote for the guy but I applaud his courage. This guy would make a much better cantidate for the GOP than any of the others.

Damien said...

Good on him for standing up, about bloody time. Guess its better late than never.

Anonymous said...

Forget McCain, this should be their guy. he wouldn't fall asleep during the SOTU.

Lizzy said...

Always good to know we're on the same page, guys.

1138 said...

But now he's turned the other way again in supporting a fillabuster against a resolution against the troop surge.

I suspect that good republicans are kinda like leprechauns - a fantasy.