Monday, January 22, 2007

Hillary for President? by Cindy Sheehan

(I was hesitant to post this due to it's harshness, but she deserves to be heard.)


13 people killed in a helicopter crash today in Iraq. Two other soldiers and one marine also killed.

16 people dead in the last two days in a war that the Senator has supported since she first voted “yea” to give Bloody George carte-blanche to invade Iraq and her continuing support via her “yea” votes on giving the war-addict in the White House the key to the treasury.

Soon after Camp Casey in August, 05, I was meeting with some Hollywood people who pretended that they supported me, but really were big money donors and supporters of Hillary. I was told that the Senator was really against the war, but she was waiting for the politically correct time to come out against it. I was told that she was the best hope for the Democrats in 2008, and I should give her a break.

I don’t know who Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood and Mr. Hollywood Got Rocks thought that they were talking to. My son was used as a "soldier of Christ" in BushCo’s crusade against the world and a political pawn in such pro-war Democrat’s moves to the White House. I was disgusted and noted this in many blogs that I wrote at the time.

I supported the candidate for Senate in New York that ran a very courageous, anti-war race against Clinton: Jonathan Tasini.. CODEPINK New York did amazing work dogging the Senator and her supporters everywhere that she went and outing the fact that she is a Republican in Democratic clothing. Unfortunately, the people of New York spoke and Clinton, the pro-war candidate beat out Jonathan. The conservative area that she and President Clinton moved their carpet bags to after their presidency was over had a major impact on the last elections.

I, my sister, Dede, and another Gold Star Mother, Lynn Braddach, whose son, Travis Nall was killed in Iraq in 2003, met with Sen. Clinton in DC in September of 2005. We poured our hearts and souls out to her. We cried as we told her of our sons and our fear for the people of Iraq and the escalating body count of our brave young people. She sat there stone-faced and walked out and told Sarah Ferguson, of the Village Voice, "My bottom line is that I don't want their sons to die in vain.... I don't believe it's smart to set a date for withdrawal.... I don't think it's the right time to withdraw." She may as well have slapped us in the face using Bloody George’s line and using our son’s sacrifice to justify her war-mongering.

On Thursday, January 18th, Senator Clinton introduced a meaningless bill to put a cap on the number of soldiers that can be in Iraq set at January 1st levels. It is as weak and meaningless as the non-binding resolution and a politically safe move, since almost ¾’s of the country oppose the war and oppose Bloody George. When she introduced her Senate bill last Thursday, over 1000 of our young people have come home in body bags and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis have died while she was waiting for the best political time to be semi-against the war. How many of our troops are lying in Walter Reed with devastating injuries that could have been prevented if a Senate leader like Clinton would have taken a moral, instead of political stance?

This occupation of Iraq can’t be won by being smarter---it was lost before we went in. The US, again, were big losers in a capricious military expedition with the support of Senator Clinton. She is an amazingly brilliant person and she cannot say that she was fooled, or lied to by George. We, the American public can be brilliant to, and we can’t buy that baloney.

In 2005, I was dying to support Hillary for president: finally a bright woman with experience. However, she is a champion fence sitter and politically heartless.

I, again, affirm my commitment to peace. I don’t care if it is a man or a woman; Democrat or Republican; white or black; Christian, Jew or otherwise. I will only support a candidate who is courageously and uncompromisingly committed to peace.

Hillary Clinton is not that person. She never will be. History speaks louder than words.

Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan is the mother of Spc. Casey Sheehan who was killed in Bush's war of terror on 04/04/04. She is the co-founder and president of Gold Star Families for Peace and the Camp Casey Peace Institute. She is the author of three books, the most recent is: Peace Mom: A Mother's Journey Through Heartache to Activism.


Snave said...

Yes, Hillary Clinton tends to take political stances as opposed to taking moral stances. Cindy Sheehan kind of distills it here, eh!

Hillary Clinton must not view this war as immoral. If she considered the war to be immoral, why wouldn't she take a moral stance and demand an end to the war? Might it be because she likes power and money, and there is a lot of money involved in this war, which has in fact become a gravy train for a number of powerful and weatlhy Americans? The kind of people upon whom she is counting for support in her run at the presidency?

I have often thought I've been unable to figure out Hillary Clinton, but reading this article brings about a greater sense of clarity for me regarding her way of operating.

Thanks much for posting Cindy Sheehan's thoughts. She is anything but a kook. More Americans need to listen to what she has to say!!

brdrake said...

Yep. I'm beginning to believe that the liberal wealthy elite are really as dangerous as the "Red Meanies" we have had so much fun with the last few years. It really is all about money and power. And, after having my eyes opened to the real power of the monetary/banking system, I'm realizing that the two-party monopoly really is like "the Gambino family on one side and the Genovese family on the other." They don't agree on how to do business, and they both operate under some code of honor and ethics...but they're both THE MOB.
Also, Lizzy, after you're thorough and detailed blog re: America: Freedom To Facism (the film by Aaron Russo) I really wanted to do an insightful and thoughtful "comment" but I was so discouraged by the responses talking about how to deactivate the Radio Frequency Chips in the National ID Card...wrapping them in foil, etc...that I thought..."this is how it's gonna be." Rather than rising up and really fighting for rights and freedoms, we'll try and live with the changes that will take place. And they will win. The minimal response you received to the most important info you've shared since I've been reading is very telling. People don't want to believe this, it's just too scary. And the thought of actually having to do something other than preaching to the choir is more than most of us can fathom. I'm scared, and I'm heart-sick, because as a smart friend of mine said the other day: "This will change nothing. We are no longer capable of fighting the good fight...we are NOT like our founding fathers. We are not brave." Please, everyone go back and read the blog again. Then go to the website "" and order the film. Make copies. Get them to everyone you know. I want my friend to be wrong.

Lizzy said...

My sister and I have been doing more research on this. The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper. (I'm with you on 9/11, now.) Check out:
Alex Jones' Infowars

We have to buy all of the discs and distribute.

Rising up is scary, Brian, but we have to start somewhere.

1138 said...

No vote for her from me.
She's part of the problem, not part of the answer.