Thursday, January 06, 2005

Losing faith in my Party

I can completely understand why the right-wing Republicans don't want to do anything about all the voting problems in the last 2 elections. It benefits them when votes aren't counted and thousands of voters become disenfranchised. But, what is the Democrats excuse?

Today, (1/6) only 31 Democrats in the House and 1 (brave) Democrat in the Senate had the balls to stand up and say, "I object, there is something very wrong here."

I don't get it. As long as things stay the same, things will stay the same. Translation: until the electoral process is overhauled, Republicans will continue to steal elections.

Democrats are supposed to be the party of the people. We champion civil rights and broad-mindedness. After today's display, it looks like we are the party of the intimidated and weak.

From Hillary to Harkin, & from Kennedy to Barack, I was disgusted by our party today. And, don't get me started on John Kerry.

I'd become a Green or Libertarian, but their chances are even worse. I feel lost.


Anonymous said...

We greens would be happy to have you. This country needs a strong third party to balance the others. Unfortanately the past decade has seen the two parties become more of one system of politicians fighting mostly only to keep and create more of their own power.
I hope that the Greens can push the democratic party back to the progressive politics that made it the people's party.

zencomix said...

The reason alot of Democrats in the congress don't address the voting problems is because changing the status quo might threaten the control they have over their small slice of the pie....

Lizzy said...

I do identify most with the Green party, but I'm just not sure if I should go there. I always think back to the 2000 election. As much as I respect & admire Ralph Nader, I do hold him partially responsible for what happened. I don't know if I could get past it.

Snave said...

While the Democratic party platform most closely resembles what I believe politically, I've always maintained that I am more of an anti-Republican than I am a Democrat. I nearly always support Democrat candidates because I nearly always find them to be the most viable alternatives to the right wingers. Thus, I am a registered Dem and I do what I can to keep Republicans out of office. It does pain me to see the most prominent Democrats cave to the GOP or not put up a fight.