Monday, January 10, 2005

Black Thursday

I was doing a little surfing tonight, and found these great sites.
I will be participating:

Bush Blackout - black out your website on Jan. 20 2005

Not One Damn Dime! - Boycott Bush's inauguration by not spending any money on inauguration day

Additional Boycott Info - What else can I do?


Snave said...

How much is his bash going to cost? Something like $50 million? How much of that is taxpayers' money? If he had a conscience, he would have something like a big brown-bag luncheon and call it good. Then he would spend the money on relief aid for SE Asia, or on our troops.

Ms Liberty said...

Thank you for the URLs. I'll check them out. :)

Snave said...

Yikes... only a week to go before the massive party.

Anonymous said...

Whatever. You couldn't scrounge enough people up to vote Kerry into office, what makes you think you are going to get enough people not to spend money on the day of his inauguration?

Ms Liberty said...

Hey Anonymous a.k.a. coward, if you believe that we didn't "scrounge up" enough votes for Kerry to win then I guess you're one of the goose-stepping sheeple and sadly deluded.