Saturday, January 15, 2005

Best line of the film

I saw the film, "Saved!" today. It was very good. If you don't know, it is about a good Christian girl (Mary) that goes to a good Christian school. After several things happen, she starts to see the hypocrisy, and begins to question her surroundings. The most effective line of the film comes when her old born-again friends are told to be "soldiers for Jesus" and go "fix" Mary. When Mary doesn't go for it, the head born-again girl gets pissed off and throws a bible at her.

Mary's reply was "It's not a weapon, you idiot!"



Damien said...

Soldiers for Jesus, hopefully they don't start drafting. Ummm how does one field strip a bible.

M said...

Those same folks who were up in arms about the gay couple who sent their adopted sons to a Catholic school out here in Orange County. They wanted the boys to withdraw from the school. Such a great message of compassion and understanding.