Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Black Thursday reminder

Don't forget, tomorrow, Black Thursday (1/20) is:
Not One Damn Dime , and BushBlackOut day.

This blog/blogger will be a participant.

...and don't forget to wear black.


Snave said...

Ack! I don't have any black clothing! Not because I don't like the color, but because my entire complexion is like that of a fish's underbelly, and black makes me look like I'm wearing white makeup.

However, I don't plan to buy anything today. Also, if I hear somebody gushing about Bush, I will say something to that person about how much the inauguration is costing. Or if I'm in a classroom and the TV is on, showing inauguration crap, I will say something to the teacher.

Al S. E. said...

I think there is a perception that the Bush Blackout protest was not successful. To try to counter that perception, I have collected a list of about a hundred Websites, among many others, that actively participated in the protest. You may leave comments there and/or on my blog.