Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Under pressure, Sinclair backs off

Another win for the good guys:

Feeling heat, broadcaster backs off airing anti-Kerry film


Snave said...

Yeah, I think the jokers still plan on airing some kind of "special" that still won't allow for equal time, but like I said before, I like to think the undecideds won't be tuning in to this stuff in great numbers. I also still think they should feel insulted about how the GOP is trying to make them afraid of the Democrats, and thereby appeal to their base instincts rather than their reason.

Remember: Vote Republican --- it's easier than thinking!

Damien said...

Great to see the white hats are doing good work over there. I suppose even if a shortened version does come out, people recognize it for what it is.
Again great to read your stuff GXL, I shall indeed tune in for more.