Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rush Limbaugh was really on our side the whole time...yeah right.

Rush Limbaugh Feels Liberated

Man, and I thought Rush was a true-believer. I guess being a disgusting right-wing neocon was all an act. Silly me.

Hey, Rush, you are who you are. Don't go changin' to try to please me.


Snave said...

I'm at my parents' monumentally slow computer, and it wouldn't play the video for me, so... I actually went to Rush's website (gag!) to read a transcript.

Sorry, but I'm going to rant here...


This guy is SO full of himself. He says it isn't about him, but it IS. He is probably one more of the many things that people who didn't vote GOP are getting tired of. Rush has been a driving force in the Karl Rove/neocon "divide and conquer" approach to American voters. People have made a statement, that they are TIRED of this kind of bullshit.

A caller was saying he was afraid that the center would move to the left, and that conservatives would no longer have a voice. I am guessing the guy must have been in, maybe, his twenties... He obviously hasn't been around long enough (or maybe hasn't been paying attention enough) to see how far the right the center has been pulled, through the hard work of people like Rush, and organizations such as FOX "News".

When I was in my twenties (now WAY ancient history!) we had a center on the political spectrum that really was in the center. We had a Fairness Doctrine in broadcasting. People like Rush would likely have been laughed off the air, or at least equal time would have been given for the left. I'm not sure it was the right-wing talkers' messages that were resonating with Americans as much as it was more a matter of rich people buying up lots of radio and TV stations, and getting such crap on the air, enough that AM radio became saturated with it. Kind of a form of mass brainwashing, if you will. Find talkers who are good at using fallacies to get listeners to bypass their critical thinking skills and come around to the side of the talkers... who happen to be Republican tools, convincing voters to vote in favor of preserving wealth. The wealthy have their tool for getting people to vote against their own best interests, and instead for the interests of the wealthy. How cool is that!

It has been tough for the past 15 years or so, listening to people like Rush Limpbaugh sucking in the suckers and spitting our his venom. As far as I'm concerned, the loss of the Fairness Doctrine and the emergence of such people as Rush represents a national tragedy.

I hope one thing the Democrats try to reinstate is the Fairness Doctrine. Media should not just be for entertainment, but also for education and information. How can the public stay informed if certain parts of the media are dominated by a particular political party? This is at least true in the case of AM radio, which has been dominated by froth-at-the-mouth people who call themselves "conservatives" for the last fifteen years or so. Dwight Eisenhower was a real conservative. Barry Goldwater was a real conservative. This current bunch is full of nationalistic types, fascists at heart, who have been given way too big a podium.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly... they are prime examples of why we need the Fairness Doctrine again.

Liberal media, my ass.

Sorry to take up all this space on your blog, Lizzy, but Rush and people like him make my blood boil. Now, it's time to wallow in knowing that he has been beaten back a bit, and that as a major influence in his party, HE is a big LOSER this week. By extension, Karl Rove is a big LOSER this week too. So is Cheney a big LOSER. Dumbya is a big LOSER. But I have to think that nobody deserves that tag more than Rush Limbaugh, and he can say whatever he wants... He just needs to realize that people may not take him as seriously as they did in 1994. And I think that's a wonderful thing!

Lizzy said...

Thanks for the info, Snave. I checked out the link you provided on your site to read up on the Fairness Doctrine. I was under the false impression that Clinton had something to do with squashing it, but I was wrong. It was Reagan & Bush 41.

It should definitely be brought back. Period.

Jim Marquis said...

Did you hear Claire McCaskill thanked Limbaugh during her victory speech? How sweet!

1138 said...

Agreed, in fact I'd put the Fairness Doctrine ahead of many other things that need to be righted if we are going to reform Amerika into another America.

I wrote something about this in generality's somewhere without making specific reference to the Fairness Doctrine but I'm glad you reminded me.
It was the loss of that doctrine in 1987 that set off alarms for me and the march of the mindless over America began.
The "Mayflower Doctrine" needs to be returned as well.
These two were in large part responsible for saving us from Fascism at home in the 30's and 40's and gave voice to opposition in the 50's, 60's right up until Reagan appointees murdered it.
I suspect we won't get it back until we can effect a change in the White House as well as raising the levels of control in Congress.

The extreme right pulled things so far right that folks like me ended labeled as left even though I had never moved.

Good Rant

Lizzy, don't forget that Rush is a documented abuser still in denial.
He's not to be taken seriously unless he threatens himself or others with direct harm.
Be we can't help him by humoring him either.