Tuesday, November 07, 2006


States are turning very blue out there, especially my home state. I'm starting to breathe a little easier.


PoliShifter said...


I am believing in America and Americans again.

I was losing faith in my country for the past couple of years but I think tonight America showed its true character.

Americans know right from wrong. Enough is enough. Time to clean up Bush's mess and get our country back on track.

Snave said...

Whether or not American voters have faith in the Democrats, they at least have stood up and showed that they want to see the GOP rid of its lunatic element. Six years of Bush with a House and Senate rubber-stamping most of his moves has been brutal for the country. I also really want to see the Senate in Demo hands, so that Dumbya and his creepazoid crowd won't get any more whacko nominees onto the Supreme Court during the next two years!

Snave said...

Also, Oregon will have a Democratic Governor, a Democratic state House, and a Democratic state Senate. A very nice shade of blue, indeed!!!