Monday, November 06, 2006

Rove's last(?) dirty trick: Robocalls


Karl Rove has been bragging for weeks about his "72-hour program" to swing the elections, which predict a Democratic takeover of Congress.

Now we know what it is: a dirty trick campaign using robocalls.

The calls are made to Democrats and swing voters at all times of day or night to make them angry. And they pretend to be from the Democrat ("Hello, I'm calling with information about Lois Murphy"). If you hang up, they call back 7-8 times, and each time you hear the Democrat's name, to get you angry at him or her. If you stay on, you get to hear a scathing attack on the Democrat.

Karl Rove's whole career has been devoted to dirty tricks. In 2002, his dirty trick was to force Congress to vote shortly before Election Day for the Iraq War based on two months of White House lies about WMD's and Al Qaeda ties. That dirty trick has cost the lives of 2,834 brave young Americans (16 so far in November), $2 trillion in debt to our children and grandchildren, and unleashed massive bloodshed in Iraq.

It's too late for legal action or even newspaper stories. If you receive one of these calls, write down the time and candidate and call every radio and TV show you can and urge everyone listening to vote against the disgusting Republican dirty tricksters. And forward this email to everyone you know so they aren't fooled by Karl Rove's dirty trick.

Let's make this Karl Rove's LAST campaign by voting ALL Republicans out of office.


Snave said...

THat's a very LOW strategy... I heard on NPR today about how some of the GOPpers are sending out flyers that claim to be from the Democratic party, and then sneak in a few recommendations to vote for GOP-sponsored measures or incumbent Republican candidates. That kind of crap sounds very illegal to me... it is definitely misrepresentation.

I got a call from a local Republican group last night. The caller identified herself as a Republican, and asked if I had voted yet. I told her I had. Next, she asked if I had voted for GOP gubernatorial candidate Ron Saxton. I said "I wouldn't vote for that guy if I was paid to." She asked why, and I told her it was because I am a member of the public employee retirement system he wants to scale back, and that I think merit pay for teachers is absurd... what if a teacher gets a classroom which includes half the students on special ed programs? Does the teacher get penalized because these students don't achieve at grade level, or because they don't score at grade level on Dumbya's NCLB tests? Good grief...

It didn't surprise me when she said, "Oh, I hadn't heard of that perspective before."

At that point I hung up on her... heh... a bit rude, but shit! Those people are such automatons about so many things, they just drive me buggy!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH

Lizzy said...

It does sound like it might be illegal, but is anyone going to do anything about it? Doubtful.

Excellent response to the Ron Saxton caller! You caught her completely off-guard. Good work, my friend.