Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Happy Gen X Liberal

What is this feeling? Is it, dare I say, happiness?

Being that I'm a strong Democrat, I've felt like such a loser for the last 6 years. Winning feels a little strange, but a very, very good kind of strange.

We've taken the House, the majority of the governors races, Rumsfeld is done, and the AP has reported that we've won the Senate...does it get any better?

I think it will.

Bye, bye, Rove?


Snave said...

Sing along with the Everly Brothers!

Bye bye, Rove
Bye bye, sleaziness
Bye Bye ugliness
I think I'm gonna cry-yyyy

Tears of joy, of course.

If Bush seriously looks at the election results as a referendum on the war and on his administration and its approach, AND adds in how much influence Karl has had on his administration, then he will dismiss Rove.

If he chooses to continue in his state of denial, Rove will stick around. And actually, I think maybe Rove has been too valuable to the party for too long for them to simply dismiss him... despite what has become obvious to any careful observer: Rove's tactics have led to a a gradual, insidious destruction of the GOP's reputation over the last 20-25 years. I am not sure just when Rove got started in his kingmaking, influencing, etc. but I would bet that it would coincide (at least roughly) with the rise in strident crazy/neocon/GOP politics.

Therefore, with all the mighty influence Karl has had, was the election not a referendum on Karl Rove and his assholianism? I doubt that, because I believe many Americans are not even aware of who Rove is and what he does. If they are, they probably don't think one man could be THAT powerful and influential. My dad, bless his heart, was an intelligent diehard conservative but he never knew who Rove was or what Rove did until I told him...

If Bush dumps Karl, will we actually see a kinder and gentler GOP for a while? If Bush is able to keep from living in denial, maybe so. But I think the president is stuck in Fantasy Land.

Damien said...

Just got the call last night, sooo freaking happy, totally off the wall!!! Just got the news on the Senate this morning, its taken, does'nt seem to be any recounts, awesome, absolutely awesome!!!!

Lizzy said...

Good assessment , Snave. I believe you're right. Only time will tell.

Damien, Totally awesome, indeed.

1138 said...

Oh my G_d, we've got so much work to do.

This is only the beginning, we've got to stay on track and learn from this.

Happy yes, but still concerned, we've moved some of the deck chairs but we still don't control the pilot house.

Bush pretending to make nice and submitting Bolton back to Congress for approval shows that he doesn't yet take this change seriously.
He's going to make us work for our victorys now that we have the power to fight him.