Sunday, January 15, 2006

Support Our Troops, Impeach Bush

The empty gesture of the yellow "Support Our Troops" ribbon magnets on people's cars still continues to bug me. If it's coupled with a W '04 sticker, then it really gets me going. I swear I'm going to start peeling them off soon.

Of course we support our troops, however unlike the Republicans, we support them enough to want to bring them home alive and well - now.

This is the sticker on my car:

And this is the sticker that's going up next:


Snave said...

I love those... they're great! After the yellow ribbon on my Subaru turned up missing I had about had it with the yellow ribbons anyway, so the local high school's Free Tibet Club was selling GREEN ribbons that say "Support Each Other". Sweet! My two new bumperstickers I need to put on are "49% of America agrees with 99% of the rest of the world" and Bill Clinton's quote "Keep abortion legal, safe, and rare".

Snave said...

I meant to say that I replaced the yellow ribbon with the green one. And yes, it is sweet!

I had gotten to where I felt like people who sport the yellow ribbons, especially alongside Bush/Cheney stickers, are basically saying that

1. if you don't support Bush there is no way you can support the troops, and
2. not supporting the troops is un-American... so
3. if you don't support Bush, you are un-American.
4. if you don't support the Republican party and Bush's policies, you are un-American... so, therefore...
5. if you're a Democrat that means you must be un-American, and
6. most Democrats are "liberals", so anything "liberal" is un-American...
7. and the bullshit just goes on and on.

Ugh. That kind of crap totally pisses me off! Sorry to have burdened you with all of that. Maybe I had better go have a Guinness! Heh!

Lizzy said...

It sounds like you're ready to start peeling them off, too!

Jim Marquis said...

I actually did peel one off the other day at the mall. It felt pretty darn good..

M said...

Out here in Camp Pendelton land there are tons of cars like that. I was amazed recently to see a yellow ribbon sticker with a Kerry/Edwards sticker below it.

Snave said...

That's pretty cool, Motomama! My wife continues to keep her yellow ribbon magnet on our van, and it also sports a Kerry/Edwards sticker. Some of us realize the two things don't have to be mutually exclusive, although it sure seems like a lot of folks who sport the ribbons might feel that way.