Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, blogger friends!

Let's start the new year with something fun. Not surprisingly, one of my favorite shows is Monk.
The new season starts this month (yay)

Quiz: Are you Monkish?

My result: Totally Monkish

"No wonder you're a Monk fan - you're practically twins! Just like this brave and brilliant detective, the thought of human contact is enough to make you break out in hives, which you will then obsess about endlessly. Brace yourself for a life like Monk's. Stock up on latex gloves, hand sanitizer and air purifiers, although you probably have a hefty supply. "

Tom and my nephew, Noah, think I'm more neurotic than OCD, but they just don't know. I'm sure Snave understands.


Anonymous said...

Regardless if you're OCD or not, Monk is the most refreshing show to come on television in decades. Tony's the Man!

Snave said...

I took the quiz, and am only "a little Monkish". That doesn't mean I'm not OCD, though... When unmedicated, my OCD tends to be more of an obsessive worrying behavior, with hoarding, checking, number rituals, superstitious behaviors, and tons of procrastination, including the delaying of housecleaning. I still see quite a few behaviors of Monk's that I find delightful, because although I may not have that specific OCD trait, I can understand.

One of my favorite Monk moments ever was in an episode where he was waiting to see his psychiatrist and he and another patient were battling over the best way for the magazine rack to look symmetrical... Monk would arrange it just right, the other guy would change it, Monk would change it back... and it was a big deal! Heh!

It's a great show all right! Gene is absolutely right, Tony IS the man!!

Lizzy said...

I think I'm more Monk-ish because I do have the cleaning & germ thing...among others.

I totally agree with you about that scene in the psychiatrist's waiting room. I was on the floor.

Anonymous said...

I love the Monk, I'm a little monkish myself. I'm good for whipping out the Clorox clean-ups or the hand santizer. I now treat them like my Visa (never leave home without them). LOL