Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I've been meme-tagged, or whatever it's called, by Snave of Various Miseries. I am supposed to list five weird things about myself.

This was a tough one. I could easily list 5 weird OCD habits, but I wanted this to be more mainstream (if you can call it that,) so I limited the OCD weird stuff to the first 2.

1) I rotate stuff. I am constantly rotating silverware, glasses, dishes, towels, canned food, and as Tom can attest to, socks & underwear. I do this so everything gets evenly worn. For instance, I don't want the same 3 spoons getting used all the time, so I make sure to put those on the bottom of the stack when they come out of the dishwasher. Freshly cleaned socks & underwear (and t-shirts) go to the back of the drawer so they can become part of the rotation.

Recently, Tom noticed that his underwear had numbers written on them. I did this because I wanted to make sure that he wasn't pulling underwear from the bottom of the pile (out of rotation.) I kept a chart in the laundry room to keep track of what was being worn. Due to this brilliant detective work of mine, I discovered that he WAS pulling them from the bottom! This has been an issue for us ever since. (He doesn't understand the importance of rotation.)

2) Certain foods, especially desserts, have to be eaten a certain way. Hostess Snowballs get eaten from the bottom side up. Lofthouse cookies are eaten from the top side (frosting side) down.

3) When I was little I didn't play with dolls, however, I had tons of stuffed animals. Now, as an adult, I don't have children...but I have 2 dogs and a parrot.

4) I don't like to leave my house very often. When I do, it isn't easy getting me to go over 5 miles beyond my comfort zone. In the rare occasion that I have to go to St. Paul, it sends shivers up my spine. Not only because it's far, but because their streets aren't numbered correctly.

5) And last, but not least, I can proudly stand up and say, I have NEVER set foot in a Walmart. Ok, that's not really weird per se, but it's a good thing.

That's my list.

Motomama, if you have time, you're it!


Snave said...

I only practice rotation on a regular basis with plates, bowls, and coffee cups. Sometimes if I think certain pieces of silverware are being used too frequently, I'll rotate the silverware too.

I suppose the reason for rotating the coffee cups is that one time Kit commented that we ought to throw out a particular cup because she had rarely seen me use it. throw something out? Heaven forbid... so I make sure those "unused" cups get pulled around to the front of the cupboard from time to time.

How are you with furniture? I am just about bugged to death if someone even suggests moving the furniture in our living room...

Lizzy said...

It's comforting to know that I'm not the only rotater.

As far as furniture goes, once I have the furniture situated just right, I don't want anyone to touch it. You & I are very similar.

Jim Marquis said...

I don't know if you watch "The King of Queens" but the other night Arthur had started putting numbers on the bottom of his socks so they would always be worn on the left foot or the right foot.

Your last one is a GREAT one. I've only been to Wal-Mart a couple times and I regret even giving them that much business...

Lizzy said...

I have seen several episodes of The King of Queens, but not any of the new ones. I'll have to make it a point to catch it.

As long as you've only been to Walmart a couple of times (and vow to never go again) you're ok in my book. : )

Sheryl said...

If you guys ever want to get the willies, then see if you can check out or rent the movie "The Vault of Horror." It's got a eery horror segment called "The Neat Job," which would send severe chills down your spine if you are that organized. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't see it.

Interesting list though. Thanks for sharing that, Lizzy.

Damien said...

I got caught out by my partner in an equally brilliant plan because I was stuffing up a bed sheet system she had (well more like a regime). Basically the same premiss - loved that you've never been into Walmart (weird but if I ever get back to the states I've always wanted to take a tourst snap in a Walmart car park?)

Snave said...

I think taking a tourist CRAP in a Wal-Mart would be fun, too! Maybe right by their big section of religious books. Now that would be sweet! Well, maybe not, but it would be funny at least.

Lizzy said...

Thanks for the movie tip, Sheryl. I'll have to see if Netflix carries it.

Snave & Damien, those are excellent ideas.