Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Where is Lew Scannon?

Lew (Unbrainwashed) hasn't posted in over 2 months. Has anyone heard from him?

When people drop off the face of the earth, it's a unnerving in this day & age.

Lew, if you're out there, please check in.


PoliShifter said...

I've been wondering also...

pissed off patricia said...

I don't like it when folks just stop posting. I worry about them and wonder if they are okay. So many bloggers are just closing their sites and leaving us. Maybe they are just pooped out.

Candace said...

This is off topic, but I was wondering about your friend Michelle? CNN is saying that a part of Camp Pendleton is burning, and in fact you could hear some ordinance blowing up as the flames reached it. Has she had to evacuate?

Lizzy said...

Just got this message from Michelle:

Yeah, it's pretty hairy, but we're okay. The I-5 is closed going north, so if we have to leave, we either have to go way east before we can go north, or go south into San Diego. There is a big fire on Camp Pendleton right now, but we're still far enough away. I'll keep you posted, especially if we have to evacuate.

M said...

Thanks for asking, Candace. We're fine, just stir crazy. Every surface outside is covered in soot. I have three little kids, so it's getting hard to entertain them! We probably won't have to evacuate, but the fires are definitely within ten miles of here. I don't see any flames or anything, but it's pretty scary, nonetheless. If you make a "C" and hold it backwards, we are more or less in the middle of the "C" with the "C" being evacuated areas and/or fire.

You can check out a couple sites for better info:



Candace said...

Thanks, Lizzy and Michelle.
I'll check out those sites you gave, Michelle. They're prolly way better than MSNBC's, but a friend was telling me yesterday that MSNBC's site has some good graphics, etc. on the fires.

STAY SAFE! If I was in the middle of the "C" I'd be quite worried - especially if I was closer to the inner part of the C. It wouldn't take much for the C to become an "O". Yikes!

Candace said...

Oh duh. The open part of the "C" is the ocean, isn't it?

Anyway, stay safe.


M said...

Thanks, Candace - things are definitely looking up today. Still smoky and ashy outside but the fires are more under control.

Lizzy said...

Thanks for all the updates, Meesh. We're all thinking about you.