Sunday, October 21, 2007

Explosives practice at Camp Pendelton

My best friend, Michelle, lives in San Diego near Camp Pendelton. She posted this comment on my MySpace:

For almost 24 hours yesterday there was explosives practice going on at Camp Pendelton. I've been home in bed nursing a virus, so I've been up at various hours throughout the day and night. New recruits? Practicing for Iran? Now, it's not unusual for us to hear this sort of noise on a semi-regular basis, but it just seems a little excessive than what they usually put out.

There is something going down, folks.

When Bill Maher's show was interrupted by 9/11 truthers, I briefly thought that wasn't cool. I don't anymore.

It's time more of us rise up against the machine. Michelle's comment is another wake up call.


PoliShifter said...

Yep. We heard those yesterday too.

I was visiting me dad who lives ~30 miles east of Pendelton for family get together.

We kept hearing the guns go off. My dad, an Vietnam Vet turned to me and said "they usually don't go off like this unless something's brewing".

My thought on Bill Maher was just that he came across like an authoritarian.

I agree the rabble rousers should be removed. But at one point he said something like "don't go easy on them...this calls for an ass kicking"

I flashed back to "don't tase me bro" and expected the right wing blogs to go crazy on Bill Maher "trampling on free speech". I decided not to write about because I didn't want to draw any more attention to it. That Red State or Captain's Quarters or Malkin or Coulter hasn't picked up and ran with it yet amazes me.

Of course, they could have and I just don't know it because I don't read their trash unless it's being quoted on lefty sites.

I think Bill was fully in his right to get those people removed, even leave his seat and go down and confront them asking them to leave.

But when he said they deserved an ass kicking, that to me was too far. I expect the people on the right to do that shit.

But I would hope those of us on the left can sternlly yet peacefully have people removed when necessary.

Granted, no one's ass was kicked and Maher likely meant it rhetorically.

At least Maher has the balls to broadcast live. If it were a right wing show, it would probably be taped, there would be no mention of the disturbance, and those that were removed would likely have been roughed up.

LET'S TALK said...

I do not think risen up against Bill Mahers is part of the machine or problem.

Most military bases have exercises going on in different parts of California, I would not think much of that.

But back to risen up, yes we should put a stop to being screened before this President and anyone in his administration speak, hiding those who disagree.

We should fight back when lies are told or insults are made and we must fight harder to get the right people in both the House and Senate to end this bloody war this President has had us in.

M said...

Well, yes, most bases do have training exercises on a regular basis. But I have lived near Pendleton for almost five years now and this amount of noise is pretty excessive compared to what I normally will hear.

Lizzy said...

Poli, I agree. Maher went too far, but I think he was caught up in the moment. I'm hoping he addresses the issue next week in a more open-minded way.

I wonder what's going on at Pendelton.

LT, I didn't mean that Maher was part of the machine. He isn't. I am a huge fan, but his reaction to the truthers went too far.

I agree with everything else you said.

Candace said...

Well now, this is interesting, since Michelle has lived there five years and can say for sure this is unusual, and Polishifter's dad says something could be brewing, then I tend to believe that it is. I wonder if it has anything to do with Turkey saber-rattling against the Kurds. Yes, let's just say that's what it is. Not us saber-rattling against Iran.

M said...

Fortunately things have calmed down since half the county is engulfed in flames and 250,000 people had to leave their homes. I guess I'm glad today I live near Pendelton - near the coast and away from the brush, but it's a terrible situation here today.

But, yes, I definitely think something was up - over the five years of living here, there's only been one or two times I've thought the explosives sounded excessive - and I can't recall on the other occasions if it meant something, but it really seemed out of hand this time.

Lizzy said...

I guess we'll never know.

Stay safe, Michelle.