Wednesday, October 10, 2007

These are our leaders?

You know what, Nancy, if I believed in god, I'd pray that you step down as Speaker of the House because you are a spineless douche bag.

Same goes for you, Harry. Instead of worrying about what comedian Rush Limbaugh is spewing, do your fucking job.

Cut the damn war funding and impeach these war criminals already!

Holy crap...what's it gonna take?


Lizzy said...

Was that too harsh?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was too harsh.
However, to see a real change in "politics as usual", I am supporting Ron Paul.
Hoping he'll run as an Independent.
He has grass roots support in both parties and like Ventura in Minnesota, has a shot!

Anonymous said...

Good rant. And no, it wasn't harsh enough. Unfortunately our "leaders" aren't listening to peons like us.

LET'S TALK said...

No Lizzy, you were not to harsh. I agree with everything that you said!

Lizzy said...

I have a lot of respect for Ron Paul, too, Anonymous (or should I say Sister Laura?) He should run as an Independent.

Thanks, Tom & LT. The anger just keeps building.

Randal Graves said...

But what do we know? We're just noisy activists, not leaders.

1138 said...

Whats happened Lizzy is that they have decided they want, like and approve of all these new governmental powers, and the way Iraq makes the American people weak and they just want to find a way to get these powers for themselves.
I can't take it anymore - I didn't change my registration (it just would have made this area look even more red), but I've gotten so I'm not such a big fan of the blue anymore.
We need big changes, and the politicians at the troth aren't offering them.

Candace said...

Too harsh? Nah - they need to hear this in HUGE NUMBERS. When I got a donation request from the DNC, I told them not one damn dime until they stop funding the war and begin impeachment proceedings.

Snave said...

From what I am hearing lately, Ron Paul is getting the most spin and raking in the most money from internet sources. I think the other GOP candidates are "misunderestimating" him.

If Paul does run as an Independent, which party will he take the most votes from? I'm guessing because of his pro-life abortion stance and "big government" he would take more votes from the Republicans than he would from the Dems.

As for being too harsh? Absolutely not. I have sent e-mails to both Reid and Pelosi suggesting they step down in favor of stronger Democrats who will aggressively pursue the truth. Our current leaders are so afraid of... whatever they're afraid of... to do anything about remedying what is arguably the closest our country has ever been to a dictatorship.

I have to wonder if 1138 might be right... that the Dems don't actually mind the concept of an overly-powerful unilateral president. After all, they might have a chance to enjoy those now virtually-unlimited powers in about a year and a half.

Good job, Candace, I haven't been sending the Dems any money lately either. I may continue to send money to People for the American Way, or maybe to the ACLU, but man... the Democratic leadership is just spineless.

Lizzy said...

I have stopped sending them money as well...and every time they call, I say exactly what Candace says.

Candace said...

Oh yeah - I need to point out that saying that to the Dems isn't original with me - it's a movement started somewhere on the internets. :)