Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A great debate

The Dems are debating on MSNBC right now. They are all going after Hillary. It's about time!

At this point, I'd be happy with any one of them being our candidate, except her.

My favorite is still Kucinich. Biden, Edwards, and Dodd are also doing well.


Jim Marquis said...

I agree, it was a good debate. And I think even if Hillary wins the nomination it will have made her a better candidate.

Lizzy said...

It may make her a better candidate, but we need a candidate that will win.

Snave said...

If she gets the nomination, I will probably vote for her... but I would MUCH prefer one of the others to emerge. Obama seems like a very thoughtful guy, and Edwards has gotten some good union support. I don't see how Clinton can just assume she will be the winner and go from there...

Check my blog for a link to a very frightening article. It involves something very few of us know about, because it has not been reported to us. It describes unchecked executive powers which are basically in place and ready to go for whenever the Commander In Chief feels like invoking them.

I want to know which Democrats (or Republicans or Independents) are in favor of rolling back the new abilities of our president to order the use of the U.S. military against American citizens for purposes of control. Until I hear that subject mentioned in their debates, I will take NONE of them seriously.

If they have mentioned it already, that is good and fine, please let me know when and where it was talked about so I can go see who is in favor of rolling back the Bush power grab!

Lizzy said...

I couldn't agree more.

I'll check your blog later today, Snave.

Anonymous said...

What about………

1.) What about Bush’s refusal to join 175 countries in their support of the Kyota Conference’s mission of monitoring and reducing ‘greenhouse gases’ thus ‘slowing down’ global warming? The U.S., China, and Australia do not believe that monitoring and recommending pro-active solutions is really the answer to our problems, besides they do not believe they should be monitored or responsible to any other country or people – they are exempt due to their/our own economic needs. China is building one ‘coke/coal-fired’ furnace every week and will exceed the U.S. total pollution output rate between 2007 and 2009.

2.) What about Bush’s refusal to acknowledge 98.7 per cent of the world’s leading environmental scientists (as well as recognizing more current, progressive, and major ‘weather related’ disasters) who agree that global warming has become a serious ‘global issue’ that requires immediate action (reducing hydrocarbon emissions) on the part of all countries. Bush and his loyal political Texas supporters believe this is just an ‘earth cycle event’ that will eventually go away and Al Gore is just using this as a ‘political issue’. Gore just told us, again and again, in his presentation, that this is not a ‘political issue’. It is a MORAL issue. It is a human being issue. It will soon be our childrens’ problem.

3.) What about Bush’s campaign organization taking $800,000 in political campaign contributions from Wall Street executives in 2003 and then trying (unsuccessfully) in 2004-2005, to ‘privatize’ our countries most successful and efficient entitlement program - Social Security - by handing it over to be ‘wholly administered’ by those same elitist Wall Street companies and executives that made these donations. [The taxpayers cost or Federal government’s cost of administrating the/our present Social Security program today is 1.5 percent of ‘benefits paid’!!!] Does anyone really believe that a private and extremely wealthy group of Wall Street managers/investors are really going to care about a ‘return on investment’ to the lower and middle classes of our society? Does anyone really believe that Wall Street can do this more efficiently than 1.5 per cent of ‘benefits paid’?

4.) What about Pension Plans. Today, almost every Fortune 2000 company has retracted and/or altered their ‘earlier promised’ Pension Plan benefits and payments. These benefits were suppose to go to our parents who worked for these companies for 25-35 years and were promised, upon their initial hiring and thereafter, that Pensions would be available when they retired.

The past administrations of our Federal government used to guaranty and prosecute these individuals and companies who breached these agreements with their senior employees. Now the Bush administration feels that these ‘entitlement issues’ are not a government issue or even a legal issue and these same ‘middle class and now lower middle class people (who were lied to) should have just saved enough money to take care of themselves – so it’s really their fault, not any corporations’. (See AT&T, IBM, GE, Bell Atlantic, MCI, etc.)

According to the Bush administration this is a civil matter, not a criminal matter and shouldn’t even go to the courts.

5.) What about all the ‘human rights violations’, including constant violations against women and young men, in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirate (Dubai).