Saturday, November 27, 2004

Wishful Thinking

If only they were true...

During the dedication of the Clinton Presidential Library, Hillary leans over to Laura Bush and asks, "Are you & your husband completely oblivious to what you've done?"

or, Bono tells Bush that he is the worst president in America's history...way worse than Nixon & Reagan. After hearing this, Bush does a 180 and sets a new course based on fact, science, multi-cultural understanding, and environmentalism.

John Kerry goes to each and every Swift Boat Vets for Truth guys houses, and punches each of them in the mouth. Later on, the men in the ads find out that Bush has cut their VA benefits.

Anti-choice parents find out that their daughters have been knocked up by men they consider to be their worst nightmare.

Homophobes start having feelings for their own sex. (Actually, they probably already do...that's why they're so full of rage.)

For one week, right-wing politicians and talk show hosts are magically transformed into homeless, drug-addicted, schizophrenic, non-Caucasian, war veterans.

Jesus comes back to tell fundamentalist Christians to stop twisting his message. He tells them that they have been misled by the forces of evil (Bush & Co.) He tells them to put down their guns, open their hearts & minds, and do whatever they can to remove Republicans from office.


Snave said...

Dang! I've been trying to come up with something to add for a few days, and this is all I came up with:

For one week, right-wing politicians and talk show hosts are magically transformed into homeless, drug-addicted, schizophrenic, non-Caucasian, war veterans as you said, OR... into single mothers, of ethnic minorities, working at minimum-wage jobs while trying to support families.

Good job, Lizzy!

Anonymous said...

OK True American, Tell me about how this country is the best DARN country in the world. I'll bite! DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE ALL OF THE RHETORICAL BS THAT YOUR CURRENT ADMINISTRATION SPEWS!!!Even Canada hates us. Wake up True American, You are the scourge of the world. Remember...Stay the course! Translation(Don't Change)We need more people to go to Iraq. I nominate YOU.

Lizzy said...

Just like all the other ignorant right-wing hate-riots, "True American" has poor reading, writing & comprehension skills.

America was once a proud and great land before the right wing of the Republican party took over. Look at what they've done, not only to us, but to the rest of the world. Liberals are trying to restore what we once were. We are not the enemy, we are hope.

Snave said...

You're right, Lizzy. We used to have a lot more respect from other nations. In fact, the height of our support from the rest of the world may have been right after the 9-11 attacks. What did the US do during the 2-3 years after 9-11? Well, we certainly didn't take advantage of the goodwill offered us from the rest of the world... We ended up alienating most of our allies, with the exception of a handful.

I don't see it as getting much better during the coming four years, particularly if Bush treats the governments of other countries the way he treats the Democratic party here at home, i.e., I say there's a new reality here, and you need to buy into it or I'll make you pay.

You are right on in your assertion that liberals are simply trying to correct this sad state of affairs.
Let's just pray that people in this country will be sufficiently sick of Bush by 2008 to elect someone with actual brains, compassion and understanding of what it takes to truly be part of an international community.

On a more positive note, I'd love to have been there for the Clinton Library opening. Even though it would have been tough to stomach listening to Dubya and Poppy, I'm sure the rest of it would have been great! Ms., I'm jealous! Thanks for your comment here and for the pictures posted on your blog.

Lizzy said...

I would have loved to be there, too.

Snave said...

Ahhhh! Great idea! Neocon repellent! For repellent Neocons! Hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

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