Thursday, December 02, 2004

Too much to ask?

I was reading the comments from my last blog entry and it got me thinking, what is it exactly about us liberals that right wingers find so offensive? Is this asking too much? :

1. Clean air, water and soil
2. The best public education system in the world, including early childhood education
3. True free speech
4. Fully staffed (and well paid) police and fire departments
5. Health insurance for every man, woman, and child
6. Affordable college educations
7. Equal pay for women
8. A women's right to choose
9. A fair criminal justice system that puts sentencing back into the hands of judges
10. Common sense drug laws / treatment on demand
11. Abolish the death penalty
12. Protect endangered species
13. Protect our lands from being overdeveloped
14. Support and protect unions
15. Strengthen animal abuse laws
16. Separate church and state
17. Research alternative energies
18. Give tax breaks for/to environmentally sound investments & industries
19. Fine environmental polluters and make them clean up their own messes
20. Allow stem cell research
21. Promote racial, religious, sexual and cultural tolerance
22. Support family farms
23. Shut down factory farms
24. Enact REAL gun control

25. Only send our troops to war as a last resort
26. Don't attack countries that did not attack us
27. Elect only intelligent, honest and admirable politicians
28. Do everything the 9/11 Commission Report advises
29. Overhaul voting process

I'm sure I'll think of many more


Snave said...

Hmmm... what is it they find offensive about the things you listed? I don't really have the faintest idea, but I will hazard a few dung-in-cheek guesses.

1. It would cost too much money to clean up the environment and keep it clean. That's money that could be going into the pockets of CEOs!
2. Because the government is an evil thing, and if it supports the public school system... then public schools are evil.
3. True free speech allows Bush and other prominent Republicans to be questioned or criticized. We sure can't have that!
4. Taxes would have to be raised in order to offer more comprehensive police and fire services. Pay more taxes? Never!
5. Affordable health care for all? That's socialism!
6. If more people can afford college, then it won't ultimately be only the well-monied who go to college. We can't have that! We need to create a class system in which only rich Republicans can afford to send their kids to college.
7. Equal pay for women?! The women shouldn't be WORKING! They should be home, cooking, cleaning and raising the kids!! (I think it says that somewhere in the Bible!)
8. Give women some kind of advantage? We can't have that! They need to be kept in their place.
9. Put sentencing back in the hands of judges? Not unless we get a whole bunch of conservative judges.
10. No to "sensible" drug policies. All pot smokers need to be in prison, doing hard time.
11. No death penalty? That means there would be more people imprisoned for life, and it costs us more of our tax money to keep them alive! Besides, it's fun to play God.
12. Save endangered species? What about loggers? Aren't they becoming an endangered species?
13. Protect land from overdevelopment? Nope, sorry, but land can't be developed ENOUGH! The corporations need to be able to make their money.
14. Gotta bust the unions! Buncha greedy Democrats. They're what drives up the costs of goods in the US.
15. Stop animal abuse? Let's just eat 'em.
16. Church and state need to continue to come together. We're off to a good start with Bush! In another 20 years or so, we could have a genuine theocracy.
17. No "alternative energy". If we stop burning fossil fuels, there will be some CEOs in big oil who won't make as much money.
18. No tax breaks for environmentally responsible companies! For playing along with the liberals, they ought to have to pay MORE taxes!
19. Fine the environmental polluters? No, that would be too costly for the corporations.
20. Take a couple of cells from a fetus? For what, so we can conquer diseases and dehabilitating conditions? Never! Doing such things wouldn't be in the best interests of humanity!
21. Tolerance? Hah! We tolerate too much of that stuff already!
22. If families run the farms instead of corporations, how are the corporations supposed to make money?
23. See #22
24. Gun control? That means you are able to aim well and fire correctly, right? Me? I don't need no Allstate... I'm insured by Smith and Wesson!
25. The troops need to be kept busy, so they can stay fresh. This means we need to invade some other country every few years from now on... preferably ones that are rich in natural resources. Be afraid, Canada!
26. If we only attack countries that attack us first, then how can we achieve our neoconservative world empire (Pax Americana)?
27. That's right! Elect only intelligent, honest and admirable politicians. And they can only be Republicans.
28. Do what the 9-11 Commission recommends, unless it was recommended by Democrats, in which case forget it.
29. If we overhaul the voting process, then we can't be assured the GOP will stay in power until the end of time! Sorry, but that's a big uh-uh.

Whoa, wait a second here. Sorry about all that, I must have been puffing from the pipe of some of the hardcore GOP bloggers!

Actually, I agree with you Lizzy. All 29 items you mentioned are things I think most Americans would like to see. Good job!

Lizzy said...

Snave, are we the same person...or are you the male version of me? Hummmm.

I'm very glad you are out there in the world.

Lizzy said...

Snave, are we the same person...or are you the male version of me? Hummmm.

I'm very glad you are out there in the world.

Snave said...

Thanks, Lizzy! I agree with you both times!

M said...

How about - The ability to check out library materials, no matter how controversial, without worry that a government official will monitor those selections and place your name on a list.

I think you've covered everything.

Lizzy said...

30. Yes, that's a very important one, M. Also:

31. Lets go beyond civil unions and allow gay marriage in every state

32. Repeal NAFTA and the WTO

33. Change policy on media ownership

34. Adopt REAL campaign finance reform

35. Stop the pet overpopulation problem, like make spaying & neutering mandatory until all homeless pets are adopted. After that, limit who can breed.

36. Do something about the continued dumbing down of America

Snave said...

Doing something about the continued DUMBYA-ing down of American would be nice, too! Too bad it didn't happen last month, eh.

Damien said...

Considering your musings about cyber gender swaping
I think its safe to say you and Snave are pretty exceptional mammals.

well at least when your overseas you can say,
"Hey buddy yeah I'm an American, but I did'nt vote for Bush, so drop the stick [bar stool, pool cue, monkey wrench etc]