Monday, November 08, 2004

John Conner, where are you?

In the last Terminator movie, John Conner comes into his own as leader of the resistance/war against the machines. We need a John Conner now. We need someone to lead us.

The only ones that come to mind, IMO, are Wesley Clark and Howard Dean. I'm sorry, but as much as I like Hillary, I don't think it's the right time for her. She is not very well liked. I also find her to be a panderer, and that is the absolute last thing we need right now.

Our leader could be an unknown, and possibly not in politics. He should be fairly young, fearless, intelligent and proud to call himself a liberal. He could be black, white, gay or strait - doesn't matter. All that does matter is that he (or maybe she) can lead us. (No, I'm not talking about myself. I will follow.)


Snave said...

I don't want to see Hillary run as the Democratic presidential candidate in 2008. She inspires too much intense hatred in too many people.

I'm thinking the party needs to look for a state governor from the South or from a red state. I've been looking on the internet, and there are actually a few:

Bob Holden, Missouri - age 55,1169,C_GOVERNOR_INFO^D_175,00.html

Phil Bredesen, Tennessee - age 61,1169,C_GOVERNOR_INFO^D_399,00.html

Mark Warner, Virginia - age 49,1169,C_GOVERNOR_INFO^D_269,00.html

Brad Henry, Oklahoma - age 41,1169,C_GOVERNOR_INFO^D_409,00.html

Michael Easley, North Carolina - age 54,1169,C_GOVERNOR_INFO^D_177,00.html

Janet Napolitano, Arizona - age 46,1169,C_GOVERNOR_INFO^D_393,00.html

Bill Richardson, New Mexico - age 56,1169,C_GOVERNOR_INFO^D_398,00.html

Jennifer Granholm, Michigan - age 45,1169,C_GOVERNOR_INFO^D_397,00.html

Lizzy said...

Thanks for posting those names. I'll have to start reading up on them.

The key to this is that whomever it is will have to strike a passion in us to follow them.

Jim Marquis said...

Good research, Snave. I did want to mention that unfortunately Jennifer Granholm couldn't run because she was born in Canada. Too bad...she's smart, charismatic and really kinda hot.

Snave said...

Oops! You're right! She was born in B.C., I think.

Damien said...

I wouldn't worry about where shes born, I'm sure if push came to shove and Conan the Republican made ample lobbying efforts, he would obtain the needed constitutional changes for himself. Regaurdless of my musings, I'll be following the career of Sen Obama.
Wes would be great, needs a little political tenderising. He had a fairly rough stint as Commander of NATO forces. There will be plenty more general staff ditching the GOP after Iraq [if it ever ends].

Jim Marquis said...

I think Clark would make a great Secretary of Defense. I'm wasn't too impressed when he was running for seemed like when he got flustered he had a tendency to launch stuff out of left field.

Damien said...

Yeah Wes was a bit of flake,
I could really see him as Sec Def, what a wonderful thought. A Pentagon that works well with the State Department - Generals who don't write memoirs lambasting the Sec Def. Lets see if the Army puts up screen door on Rummys office, 'mind your butt on the way out sir'.