Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A long, scary night

Can't blog right now, I'm busy pulling my hair out.


Unknown said...

life goes on. the next four years look bleak right now, but progress can be made during troubling times.

Snave said...

At this point it doesn't appear that Kerry will win the White House, but the votes still have to be counted in a few states. I suspect Bush will be the winner, but not by a wide margin.

While I have faith in the general stupidity of the American electorate, I also have faith in our people for getting going when the going gets tough. Bush and Cheney will make things tough enough on all of us that by four years from now, barring major disasters, the public won't want a Republican in charge of the USA anymore.

Whatever the outcome of the presidential election, we can't take too much time to whine and complain. We need to continue the push and go for the Senate in 2006. America has apparently still not fully awakened from the post-9-11 fear syndrome. We need to push for further awakening, and we can't let up.

Go Democrats!!