Tuesday, November 16, 2004

He died a long time ago, & never came back

Hi everyone, I've missed you. I'm still very sore from the surgery, but I feel good enough to get back into regular blogging mode.

I'm still not over the election - far from it. I will never understand how such a large population can vote against their own best interests. I'm blaming part of it on what I'm calling the Jesus-haze.

If their own family members are killed in Bush's war, it is Jesus' will. If their own jobs are outsourced and they are put out on the street, they will say that Jesus will save them.

I'm sure they'll hate me for this but, Jesus isn't listening.

He wasn't there when 6 million Jews were murdered in WW2. He wasn't there when 50-100,000+ Kurds were killed in the late 80's. He isn't there now in Rwanda as the genocide continues. And he definitely wasn't there on 9/11 when our own planes were used as weapons against us.

We need to wake these people up from their Jesus haze, and I have an idea on how to start.

More to come...


Damien said...

Amen to that,
As most know I'm a practising Car-toll-lick, which makes me a sober beleiver and agnostic drunk (I'm crossing myself as I type). For a minute there I thought that the first monkey would chose 'Jesus' as his secretary of state. (a couple of hail Marys should surffice tonight).

Good to know your up and about, faster leaner, meaner.

Jim Marquis said...

Dubya didn't choose Jesus to be Secretary of State. He did, however, choose a Virgin I think.