Monday, November 22, 2004

Blues Natural Resources

Red states. Blue states. We are a country divided. I've been trying to think of ways to pull us together for the greater good (electing democrats) and I think I've got it.

Just think, we've got New York and California -- that's where the (so-called) liberal entertainment industries are. Let's really use them. It would require subliminal manipulation, but so what! The other side uses much dirtier tricks all the time!

Here's what we do:

When TV shows/events such as Nascar, bullriding, Hannity & Colmes, wrestling, O'Reilly Factor, hunting shows, etc, are being edited for broadcast, our liberal editors add influential subliminal visuals to the footage. The visuals can consist of many different things. For instance, home movies of happy gay families, or, footage of clean pristine environments, or, a woman talking privately with her doctor about family planning. The possibilities are endless. The same can be done with bad action movies.

For radio, we can go with audio subliminal messages. When Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, etc, shows get edited, our people can slip in a track that whispers "lies, lies, the opposite is true... lies, lies, the opposite is true..." Another track can say, "stop the hate-riotism, listen to Air America instead, stop the hate-riotism, listen to Air America for the truth..." On the next Toby Keith CD, we add another track that says, "break this disc, buy REM, Toby Keith is a dumbfuck, listen to Neil Young..."

Another thing we have going for us in the blue states are our scientists. I bet they can come up with interesting potions to poke holes in closed minds. Maybe there is a brain boosting vitamin, or a drug that conquers ignorance that they can work on.

I also have some ideas of what ordinary citizens can do. More to come soon.


Snave said...

That sounds like it could be lots of fun! It could be like the "Paul is dead" clues on the Beatles albums, i.e. Lennon saying "Paul is dead, miss him, miss him" backwards after "I'm So Tired" and before "Blackbird" on the White Album; singing "Yes he's dead" in the outtro of "All You Need Is Love"; saying either "I buried Paul" or "I'm very bored" or whatever at the end of "Strawberry Fields Forever"; singing "the walrus was Paul" in the White Album's "Glass Onion"... or the unidentified voice on the White Album when one plays "Revolution No. 9" backwards... when the voice says "number nine, number nine", it's saying "turn me on, dead man" when you play it backwards! (It really does work, I've tried that one!) The equivalent of this for our purposes would be to some lefty in a high place (i.e. a recording engineer) to do some remixes of songs like "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood or maybe Toby's next record, with a sound-alike voice-over singing lines like "And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm gay"... or Toby singing a line about how he'd like to kick Dubya's ass.

I also think it would be fun to find ways to jam radio signals, i.e. sabotage programming so for instance a Rush Limbaugh sound-alike might hijack Rush's program and spout liberal platitudes for a couple of hours. Find a way to rig this so it can be done repeatedly from safe, undisclosed locations. After a while, if the impostor was good enough, listeners would either stop listening to the show or they would start to reconsider their (Rush's) opinions. One could even doctor tapes of Dubya's weekly radio addresses, so he would say things like "We can never win the war on terror" and "I am not the right man for the job"!

The creation of constant "technical difficulties" during O'Reilly and Hannity's shows would also be fun. During Bill's show, one could slip in footage from "Outfoxed" of him telling people to shut up, sneak in a few news snippets about his recent harrassment problem, throw in clever ads from sources like, or use stock footage of klansmen marching, horrifying war imagery or Nazi stormtroopers marching. Keep the disinformation down to a few seconds or at sound byte length, because anything longer or more involved than that would cause viewers of those shows to "tune out".

Finally, how about a few well-placed lefties during
NASCAR events? Inserting left-wing flyers in programs could be fun. If a few clever folks could get down to the track and sneak some anti-Bush slogans onto the cars, that would provide for some wonderful fireworks. A more subliminal thing might be to simply put the name "" on as many vehicles as possible.

Damien said...

Yeah [george is bad] I concur with Snave [check his site], I can't beleive [dick cheney is weak] that nobody has thought of that [support gay rights].

I'm sure that if we inserted those pro-liberal [liberalism is for you] messages that we could acheive our cause [fight the power, buy dolphin friendly tuna].

Lizzy said...

I love your ideas, Snave. I think some of them could actually be workable. Infiltrating our people into those Nascar events would be a great starting point. As far as getting to Rush, Hannity, & O'Reilly, that would be very tricky, but I bet it's possible. Hopefully some liberal hackers/crackers are reading our blogs!

Your comment cracked me up, Damien.

Snave said...

Yes, Damien, that was (liberals are cool) GREAT!

As for sabotaging a NASCAR event through harmless left-wing practical joking, I can't think of too many things that would be more enjoyable. We don't have NASCAR up in this end of the country, but it may be stretching its cruel tentacles to the area near Boardman, Oregon during the next few years. That means there could be a NASCAR track just 90 minutes drive from where I live... hmmmm! Maybe a "Republicans for Voldemort" bumper sticker would look good on the rear end of one of those cars... !