Thursday, November 04, 2004

Troop level plan

Bush says he will not reinstate the draft, yet does not have an answer when asked how he will increase the troop levels needed in Iraq. I have the answer.

If you voted for W and you are between the ages of 18-45, you must enlist. This applies to men & women. Persons with a family that have both parents within the age limit, has the one & only exception. In this case, one of you must go. The other can stay behind to raise the children alone.

There will be no deferments. If your mother, father, grandfather, etc, has a government job, you will not be given special treatment - no one will. (This includes the Bush twins.) You will all start out as grunts. There will be no homeland National Guard assignments. You will have 6 weeks of combat training here, and then you will be on your way to Iraq.

I am not being sarcastic. I feel this is a workable plan. The benefits are two-fold. The military will get the forces they so desperately need, and the Bush voters will have a real opportunity to prove their impenetrable loyalty to him.


Damien said...

Damn straight they should enlist, they give us this moral high ground BS and when it comes to the crunch - 'oh we will send the poor kids'. And damn straight the little bushies should step up, if the meat grinder is good enough for the other grunts then its good enough for them. Daddy should hand them their enlistment papers personally, live on TV. PFC Jenna Bush USMC has a really nice ring to it. The troop rotational state is not sufficient (RAND has put out numerous reports). The US voted like idiots and got an idiot, GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK IN THE FIGHT LIZZY!!!

Snave said...

When Bush said he wouldn't reinstate the draft, he should have prefaced that statement with "Read my lips!" If he and his cadre of neocons really believe in realizing their Pax Americana concept, there will necessarily be a monumental expansion of our military.

I agree with Lizzy, those who believe the war in Iraq is a wonderful cause should enlist today. Just like I don't like my taxes going toward the president's religious causes, I also don't want my kids used as a means for him to achieve his ends in Iraq.

My teenage girls both have health matters... one has had four vertebrae fused in her upper back, and the other has asthma. If Bush reinstates the draft, will they allow people to not serve due to such conditions? Rush Limbaugh didn't have to serve in Vietnam because of a cyst on his ass, but I suppose that nowadays things are more serious and people with physically limiting problems could still wind up getting drafted.

Getting into Canada will prove a very difficult task for today's young Americans if we have the draft again. I have told both my girls that if they don't want to go to the Middle East they might want to check into seeing what it takes to become conscientious objectors... even if it's unlikely that that would keep them from being drafted if Bush has his way. Maybe it would still count for something, like maybe the difference between filing papers in an office instead of having to run around in sandstorms with a machine gun.

Before anyone says I don't support the troops, let me say our troops are doing a good job in Iraq. They are working to rebuild the country, and they are doing their best to maintain order. I support them in their efforts. We are in a real mess over there, and the only way for us to get out of that mess is for the troops to do their best. It is also good that the troops obey the orders of their commander in chief. I am glad they are doing this, and that they would do it regardless of who was in the White House. I just don't like the way the current commander in chief is making decisions about how to use the troops. One certainty: we need our military to protect us. Are they really protecting us when they are stationed in Iraq? That's another matter for debate.

During the 80's I had all my papers ready to file for CO status because I felt sure Reagan was going to draft American youth to fight in Central America. I wanted no part of that, as I did not see how it amounted to little more than adventurism. That's mostly how I view the war in Iraq, and that's why I agree with Lizzy.

Jim Marquis said...

I like your plan, Lizzy. Maybe we need a society where you don't just vote but also make actual sacrifices to support your cause.

Here's a website that's not only funny but scary/informative:

M said...

Right on!

Damien said...

I'm feeling fine, it was my grandma who had to be carted off to the emergency ward, rather bumpy ride in the Ambulance. Really puts things in perspective, well slightly. Checking on news reports of machine malfuntions in Ohio, 3,893 votes cast for the Moron and 260 for JK - thing being only 638 people voted. This could explain alot!!! And it may be wide spread.

veggiedude said...

Wait a minute. What about those Bush twins?