Saturday, September 04, 2004

Wired is better

My PCs used to be in the basement, wired to our Linksys router, powered by a cable modem. When I needed more room to start my business, I moved all of my equipment upstairs where my fiance, T, completely transformed an unused room into a beautiful office for me.

Since T is an avid online gamer (Medal of Honor,) we decided to let his PC stay wired to the router, and I would go wireless upstairs. I upgraded our 802.11b router to a 802.11g "Extreme" router and I also bought a Linksys Range Expander to help boost the signal. Unfortunately, I'm not happy. Wired is better...much better.

The next step is to call an electrician to run cat 5 cables from the basement to my office. I need this done ASAP. When you get used to a certain speed, you never want to go back to being slow. Anyone that has gone from dial-up to broadband knows what I mean.

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M said...

I definitely think the Internet will never be fast enough for me. J's iBook is definitely faster wirelessly than the laptop I have from my old employer. The laptop I have is pretty freaking great, but I still notice considerable lags.