Saturday, September 11, 2004

Panic setting in

Does anyone know what is going on with Kerry's campaign? I'm starting to panic. Like I said before, I don't remember the last time I heard an official Kerry commercial. You know, the ones where he says, "I approve of this message." Could they be planning something big? Are they saving their money for the end of the campaign? What is going on?!!

If nothing is in the works, I'm going to be really pissed. I've put a lot of time, energy & money into defeating Bush. Did we pick the wrong candidate? I'm beginning to wonder.


Jim Marquis said...

I know what you mean, Lizzy. I can't figure out what's going on either...hopefully there's some kind of strategy at work but I gotta say I am worried.

At this point I would say it comes down to 3 things: the Kitty Kelly book coming out this week (see my blog),the debates or some big event here or in Iraq.

Kerry's not a perfect candidate but I am willing to cut him some slack. What's he supposed to do when a large portion of the country's voters diss him (a war hero)but respect a drunken frat boy who used his father's connections to avoid going to Vietnam?

Unfortunately, I think whoever wins in November is going to have to deal with more and more terror threats. This election will determine how much help we get from the rest of the world.

Elisabeth said...

There was a review of the Kitty Kelly book in yesterday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and it totally debunked its credibility. Frankly, I don't think that this book will have any effect on the election outcome.

I am very worried too. I frankly don't think that Kerry will win, as much as I want him to, unless some miracle happens between now and November 2.

Peter said...

i definitely think you guys picked the wrong candidate.. he is an east coast liberal with an elitist attitude that much of america is turned off by. I think if he would nail down his positions on the issues, and actually make a stand on things, he might have a chance, but his campaign is just disorganized, and comes out with a new message every day.. they can't run their own campaign, how will he run the country?

and the kitty kelly book, i wouldn't get your hopes up.. it has already been discredited - its main source for some of the explosive allegations has said that she never said them, and they're not true..

Snave said...
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Snave said...

I re-read my comment and it had too many errors, so I decided I had better try again.

Even if Kitty's book isn't all it's cracked up to be, I'm certain Sharon Bush's book will be a good read. I plan to read both books. They will be much more enlightening than books which are designed to appeal to the basest of emotions (FEAR!) such as "Treason", "Slander", Who's Looking Out For You?", "See, I Told You So!" and "Deliver Us From Evil".

The books coming from the left are written as deprogramming tools, while the ones from the right are written by people who portray themselves as authority figures who demand the type of obedience and respect desired from a small unquestioning child of its parents. Go ahead and call that an arrogant left wing point of view, but there are differences between the current left wing and right wing bestseller in overall restraint and credibility. The left wing books tend to be more measured and tend more to cause actual thought. The other guys just say "This is how it is. This is what you have to do." I suppose there is a certain amount of comfort to be found in that, but... I'd rather think, thanks.

I haven't read any of the above right-wing screeds because I know what they will command me to do before I even open them. Bill O'Reilly's feeble attempt at fiction ("Those Who Trespass") even has a female character named Hilary who dies in a fall from a high window... give me a break. He can't even write fiction without his bias showing through! How fair and balanced of him! And he even has a book coming out September 28 that is aimed at teenagers! That's right, brainwash them before they get to college, because once they get there they become lost causes.

Here's to a public awakening, followed by a huge backlash against such unadulterated b.s.!